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Add Microsoft Outlook Emails to Apple Mail Comfortably

Wednesday, October 28th, 2015:

Are you looking to add Microsoft Outlook emails to Apple Mail? The solution mentioned here will let you do that comfortably. “Pst Extractor Pro” is a program developed to convert your Pst files into Mbox. It has a simple interface to perform this conversion. And it is also developed to offer the maximum speed for conversion so you can add many of your emails folders from Outlook to Apple Mail without wasting much time. What are Pst and Mbox files? Pst and Mbox are two file formats used by Outlook and Apple Mail respectively. The data is stored in these […] Read More →

Export Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook Conveniently

Sunday, October 18th, 2015:

Export Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook has an additional challenge because it is a migration not just from one email client to other, but also from one OS (Mac) to other (Windows). Therefore, it can get very tricky to move the data from Apple Mail to Outlook without a professional assistance. One tool that does the task very well is “Mail Extractor Pro”. It converts the Mbox files (apple Mail) to Pst (Outlook) conveniently. But it has many other features that separates it from other Mbox converters way too much. First of all, it also includes a feature where you […] Read More →

The Best solution to Import Olm file to Mac Mail

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015:

You can’t directly import Olm file to Mac Mail because it is not supported. Mac Mail uses Mbox file to store your data, and Olm file is only for Mac Outlook. There are other ways to make the transfer of contents, such as drag your folders to desktop and it will convert the files to Mbox automatically. To import OLM file to Mac Mail / Apple Mail, Entourage Archive 2004/2008, Thunderbird, MBOX, EML file format, get OLM Extractor Pro today! But there is a problem with that method. You have to drag and drop one folder at a time for […] Read More →

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