4 Key Features of OST to PST convertor

This is how you should convert OST to PST files with 100% accuracy

If you are still wondering about the needs for conversion of ost to pst, then here we are to tell you about its benefits. With deep research and analysis, we have found some key features which are easy to use and make the conversions more profitable than other tools.

The ultimate OST to PST convertor tool

The tool is called the OST extractor pro and is designed by USL software for all the users who have no previous experience of it. Even if you have no experience of OST to PST conversion, this tool can work well for you. It has been blessed by amazing features that make it an ideal choice for all users. Beginners or advanced.

ost to pst convertor

We have a team of professionals who are continuously working for the betterment and ease of this service. Our main goal is to make it user friendly.

These points which we are going to tell you are more beneficial than you have ever thought of. Here are the top 4 key features of the OST extractor pro:

Bulk Conversion of files

This is the major advantage of using this ost to pst convertor. Many users have suffered the lack of this since they have to convert each file separately, and it takes a lot of mind and time plus frustrates you at the highest level.

With this tool you can convert a bulk of files and my work got easier and it saves you precious time.

This software is designed in a manner that it can convert 1 GB of data in just 10 minutes moreover it can easily modify large files which are not easy for any ordinary tool. Its algorithm and framework make work things easy.

Large Files Handling

This feature is not available in other convertor. By keeping this thing in mind, we have designed this convertor.

Without any delay and slowing the process. You can convert your file with the normal speed as mentioned above which is 1GB in 10 minutes.

The biggest advantage of this feature is that there is no compromise in speed, data leakage, data damage and other performance. You don’t have to worry about your data.

Support files from all Sources – It is another best part which will surely boost up your trust in this converting ost files to pst software.

It supports many source files which are –

  • Outlook Version from 97 to 2017
  • Exchange 5.0 to 2017 edition
  • Office 365 Outlook subscriptions
  • ANSI OST file

Well, now I hope there is no doubt left about the reliability of the software and how useful it can be for you. With time we are working to add more sources in this list.

Now here I am listing another cool features of this advance pro convertor that never fails and is extremely pleasant to use.

Multiple Options for Output

Yes, you can get the desired output in the format you need. The format available in this software is MBOX file, EML file, Apple Mail Archive, Thunderbird and Postbox.

These are the top most commonly used formats.

Our team of professionals are working to add more formats so that its suits every user.

I am pretty sure you are impressed by the features of ost to pst convertor. This is the best convertor software, and continuous work is done to make it even better.

Do share your opinion and if you have any question, feel free to contact us. Your opinion helps us to make things better than ever.

Once you are sure about the tool, you can get a free trial. You can later upgrade to the full version. Click here to download the tool for free.

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