Apple Mail Export to Thunderbird Without any Problems

How to perform Apple Mail export to Thunderbird without any issues, such as loss of data, or unwanted modification.

I held up a question and answer session on my personal blog through the comments section. My topic was – “how to convert Apple Mail Export to Thunderbird”. It seemed like most people had an idea how to do it, but were troubled my minor annoyances glitches during the conversion. Few were troubled by big issues, such as data loss and corruption.

Here are few of the issues faced by the readers, extracted from their comments on my blog, while exporting Apple Mail to Thunderbird :-

I was transferring the emails from Mac Mail to Thunderbird, but after it was over, I found that all my folders in Thunderbird are empty.

…I can’t find my attachments after moving the data to Thunderbird….

…it was able to migrate everything to Thunderbird from Mac Mail, but the folders aren’t in the same order/structure as they were in Apple Mail. I have many folders that it would be hard for me to make sense of my data without that original folder structure.

…the Chinese text are coming broken inside emails. I am very nervous as these text contains bank information of my clients. How can I move the data keeping it preserved.

You may also have one of these problems or some other while performing Apple Mail Export to Thunderbird. It is a challenging job to take on, specially by basic computers skills with no skills on email migration.

Today, we discuss how you can perform it without any such issues or glitches.

The best way is through a professional third party tool. You may have to pay a little but there is no better alternative than to be assisted by a software that is built professionally specially for tasks like these.

It will make the whole thing quick, effective, and painless. I suggest this for everyone, but specially for those who have a big database with thousands of emails. And also to those who have sensitive information that you do not want to convert to Thunderbird with any changes or corruption (like that Chinese text corruption in the above comments).

There are few Apple mail to Thunderbird converter s that can do the task for you. But don’t worry you don’t have to go through each and every tool in the market and find out what is the best for you. I have tried many tools, on myself and others, and I came up with the best – Mail Extractor Max.

Apple Mail Export to Thunderbird
Mail Extractor Max helps you to convert Apple Mail to Entourage 2004/2008, Outlook:mac 2011, Thunderbird, Postbox, *.mbox & *eml file format.

“Mail Extractor Max” is certainly a very effective tool that leads you through the whole process with no issue at all. Its’ incredible GUI makes the task smooth even for the most basic users or beginners. Furthermore, the biggest concern of all the users – unwanted changes in data after conversion – has been put to end finally by Mail Extractor Max.

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All the time that I have used this tool, I’ve found almost 99% of accuracy with the integrity of the data. The 1% isn’t even relevant to Thunderbird email client. It is just some kind of meta-data and programming memory that is only relevant with Apple Mail. So you can say that you achieve 100% of data integrity with this tool.

All of your attachments, embedded images, non-English text, folder structure, properties of emails (to, Cc, Bcc, Subject, from, etc.), time and date stamps, and nested messages will be preserved. It even supports the feature of saving read/unread emails in separate folders. And one other feature that I am yet to find with other tools is its ability to directly convert the data through the “Mail” folder of your Apple Mail database, instead of Mbox file. So you don’t need to export your emails from Apple Mail data to Mbox. It isn’t necessary, although, the function of manually loading Mbox file is present with “Mail Extractor Max”.

I think in the question and answer session last week that I held had this one major concern – the data wasn’t getting converted or transferred completely, without any unwanted modification. “Mail Extractor Max” won’t let you face the same issue.

It also comes with a free limited edition, where you can convert 10 items from each folder inside Apple Mail. It is available for instant download here.

To Apple Mail Export to Thunderbird, try Mail Extractor Max.

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