Mac Mail to PST Converter (Apple Mail Migration with Accuracy)

There is a growing concern of data safety among email users and it is at its height when email migration is concerned. Whenever you move your email data, the chances of integrity errors, broken structure, and data loss is very high. But “Mail Extractor Pro” is a Mac Mail to PST converter that finally puts your worries at rest. It works in your Mac computer directly with utmost safety and accuracy.

mac mail to pst converter

Mac Mail to PST Converter – the features

  • 100% and complete data conversion of every detail and item
  • Keeps the formatting same. No unwanted changes.
  • Maps the folders from Mac Mail to PST accurately
  • Gives the choice to split large PST files
  • Auto-load Mac Mail database from the root directory/Profile
  • Technical support for any kind of help
  • Most emphasis on data safety
  • Graphical based user-Interface that appeals to beginners and experts alike
  • Conversion speed that cuts the average required time to convert Mac Mail to PST by ordinary tools into half.
  • Quick installation, not demanding on your computer resources, lightweight, stable, and bug-free
apple mail to pst converter

Convert You Complex Data

Mac Mail to PST converter often have a complex and tricky job to perform. This is because the database related to emails in modern day email clients have gotten sophisticated and affluent in many formats of information. Not only are there simple text emails, but also large files as attachments, MIME defined headers, Unicode content in links, graphics, and a lot more.

Convert Your Data With Accuracy

Therefore, the accuracy and complete conversion must be the most prioritised aspect of any such email migration tool. You get exactly same with “Mail Extractor Pro.” The tool has the adaptive and high-end processes that deal with intricate parts of database with safety.

It is a high risk that many users take with lesser accurate and unsafe tools that do not guarantees the 100% conversion. What usually happens is that missing components of emails are realised after a lot of time has passed after the conversion task. Because, it is not possible to check each and every email and item for integrity. But even a tiny missing part or inconsistency can be crucial aspect that you couldn’t afford to lose.

Therefore, only “Mail Extractor Pro” is the safest and wisest choice for Apple Mail to PST converter.

Apple Mail to PST

Mail Extractor Pro is an all-in-one converter that can convert Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, MBOX & EML files to PST for Mac as well as Windows Outlook.

Easy & Fast Email Conversion

The other side of “Mail Extractor Pro” is simplicity and user-friendliness. Even though packed with powerful and high-end features, the interface is built in a way that you can navigate your way around even the very first time you launch it. Using the tool is very intuitive and natural to use. There is no need to look for tutorials on how to convert Apple Mail to PST files.

Try It the Apple Mail to PST Converter

mail to pst converter

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There are multiple licensing choices to get Mail Extractor Pro, including a free one that converts ten emails from each folder. The free tech support available 24 x 7 is also another much-appreciated part of the package. Get in touch if you need the touch of an expert to guide you in your email migration task.

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