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Apple Mail to Thunderbird

If migrating from Apple Mail (Mac) to Thunderbird (Windows) has always been a stress, you are going to be pleased. There is nothing inherently stressful about Apple Mail to Thunderbird Windows migration process. Although, the job of data extraction demands detailed algorithm and very careful execution of software development, but if done properly, it is easy and effective.

However, due to very ordinary email migration tools in the market, Apple Mail to Thunderbird migration has become intimidating. The processing of data elements during conversion has been lacking in strength and efficiency. Many email converters are dearth in advanced logarithms and data extraction logic, thus resulting in the problems stated below

  • High data integrity issues observed
  • File safety not present
  • Loss in information
  • Unwanted modification of information
  • Annoying slow speed of conversion
  • Difficult GUI

Thus, a half-hearted effort on the development of the converter has made the common notion that moving Apple Mail data to Thunderbird windows is difficult, unsafe, slow, and inefficient.

That is far from true. To change the situation upside down, you need a carefully built converter, which holds powerful processing logic and technology capable of giving sharp results.

One such tool (and extremely rare) is “Mail Extractor Max”. It is one of the finest tools to move your data from Apple Mail to all other email formats for Mac. Since, Thunderbird is a cross-platform email client; Mail Extractor Max can deliver files for Thunderbird that is compatible in Windows environment, too.

Here are the other top features of “Mail Extractor Max”

  • Auto load Apple Mail database
  • OR, Manually specify the location of your Apple Mail files
  • Convert Apple Mail files to
    • Mac Outlook for 2011
    • Entourage
    • Thunderbird
    • EML and MBOX
  • Presents excellent data quality in regards to accuracy and integrity
  • Capable of preserving the following types of data elements
    • Unicode content
    • Attachments
    • Folder hierarchy
    • Imbedded Images
  • Bulk Conversions possible

Two Major benefits

Speed – It operations under high speeds, which increases your efficiency at work or at home by saving almost double of your time. The technology makes everything execute swiftly, promptly, and without a second delay.

Even the bulk conversion of Apple Mail files to EML or other formats is very quick. It takes lesser time than making a cup of coffee.

User Friendly – Contrary to the very sophisticated technology working behind the screens, the front area, also called the user interface, is downright simple and user-friendly.

The conversion wizard comprises of self-explanatory wizard screens that guide you at every step. It was designed by keeping both of beginners and advanced users in mind. Whether or not you have the complex technical knowledge of such type of conversion process, you would find no challenges in performing the conversion.

Mac Compatibility

“Mail Extractor Max” is fully Mac compatible. It runs smoothly without any gaps, glitches, or errors.

Get it today!

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Apple Mail to Thunderbird Windows

For Apple Mail to Thunderbird Windows migration, download Mail Extractor Max today.

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