Best Freeware to Convert OST to PST File

Best Freeware to Convert OST to PST File Rooted in Accuracy and User-Friendly Nature Like No Other Tool.

Looking for a freeware to convert OST to PST file? If you haven’t found any tool yet and this is your first, consider yourself lucky. In the passage below, you will be introduced with the only freeware solution for converting OST to PST file that has been endorsed by plenty of experts and almost all the users who uses it. All the other traditional solutions will almost be gone obsolete and outdated. Because of how USL Software has built this tool that we’ll be talking about below.

Freeware to Convert OST to PST file

If you have found or tried other OST to PST converter freeware solutions, you have an idea of how terrible the job can go through ordinary solutions.

A tool to extract email items from files like OST has to have some next-level extraction algorithms otherwise the output would be loaded with errors. Errors that may not be detected right away but after a while when it’s too late. Most users convert their OST files to PST using general file converters. That are not built for complex email migration tasks. They think that the converter has convert the files. But in reality, everything inside the output PST files is laden with painful data integrity errors and fragmented information. They realize it later on when the original OST files are deleted.

Nothing can be more disappointing than finding out that the emails you have stored over the years with important details like client’s information, personal photos, etc. are damaged.

Therefore, it’s advised not to be lured towards average, run-of-the-mills file converters. OST to PST conversion requires much more than just simply changing the names of the files. The entire data structure within both files heavily contrast each other, even if the actual raw information is the same. And that often demands dedicated algorithms to cleanly extract the information, not just modify the extension of the files.

Which brings us to the only solution, the only freeware tool to convert OST to PST file that won’t let you face the same problems and painful data loss situations.

Alternative freeware to convert ost to pst

If you want to try it right away, which is by the way the best way to find out how it works in action and how accurate it is, you can download it here. The tool officially goes by the name of “OST Extractor Pro,” from a well-established company, USL Software.

OST Extractor Pro for Mac and Windows

freeware to convert ost to pst

freeware tool to convert ost to pst

If you want to know how it works and what are the features, you can take a look at the list below:

  • You can be download for both Mac and Windows operating system
  • It runs dedicated logic to ensure no element is missed or not converted. That includes email attachments, graphical objects, metadata, or headers.
  • It has a very simple graphical interface that requires no technical knowledge to interact with because it is intuitive and comes with clear instructions for non-tech users
  • It also fits perfectly for large-scale migration projects, due to its features like batch conversion, support for massive sized OST files, detailed conversion log, manual control over which folders users want to convert and which ones they want to exclude, and other similar options for flexibility.
  • USL Software’s excellent support staff ready to help at any time of the day.

Download freeware to convert ost to pst file

Get the setup file here and install it by double-clicking the file. You can start converting OST to PST files in under a minute and you will realize how easy it can be.

Do not go for freeware to convert ost to pst file, try OST Extractor Pro for safe and secure migration.

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