OST Extractor Pro is an OST to MBOX converter for sophisticated conversions

A predominant characteristic of the emailing world is that people keep making shifts from one client to the other. Sometimes, such steps are taken intentionally and other times out of sheer work or personal requirements. It is a common problem that people encounter but it doesn’t have an ordinary solution. Take OST to MBOX conversions for instance. Converting OST to MBOX is extremely tough. These conversions are designed to fail and only a stubborn tool can combat these.

OST to MBOX Converter for Mac and Windows

This brings us to another relevant issue-finding an appropriate OST to MBOX converter.

Finding an OST to MBOX converter that can fit our requirements as well as financial budget is a dreaded task too. For starters, a combination such as well-performing tool at a rationally designed price is almost impossible to locate. And irrespective of the kind of choice we are offered, our inner voice would always guide us towards a self serving choice. We refuse to settle for mediocrity and choose the sophisticated option. That is why we reject many OST to MBOX converters with free options because they come with discounted features. Serving to our needs in all respects is only one tool, OST Extractor Pro.

OST Extractor Pro is an OST file converter tool that works on Mac and Windows and convert OST to PST, MBOX, EML, Mozilla Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Postbox etc.

ost to mbox converter

Highlights of the OST to MBOX converter – OST Extractor Pro

OST Extractor Pro is a sophisticated OST to MBOX converter that takes the OST to MBOX conversions to a very high level. The free version of this tool is open to the public for testing as well as free usage purposes. Probably, even better than being an OST to MBOX converter free is that it has every single feature of the full version too. There is only one restraining factor i.e. only 10 files per folder can be converted. However, other than that the following features are available for both the versions:

  • ‘OST to MBOX conversions’ at lightning fast speed: This OST to MBOX converter converts the files at breakneck speed. The recovery time of the files astonishes the users.
  • Accurate conversions: Accuracy of the files converted from OST to MBOX is on point. There is not even a single flaw that can be located. The components that make up a file namely to and from data, read/unread status, timestamps, attachments, etc are all found to be precisely converted from OST to MBOX. And all this can be expected to be completed within a few minutes time.
  • Convert larger files: There is an option to break down the size of the files as per user’s requirements. Such customization options are found at many different phases in this OST to MBOX converter’s entire process.
  • Simple interface with easy guidelines: More than anything, the simple interface enriches the user experience. There are no glitches or hold ups that the user experiences on the whole. A smooth data flow is also ensured.

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Download Now at https://www.ostextractorpro.com

This OST to MBOX converter is the most sophisticated choice for converting the files from OST to MBOX. It ensures safety of the files as well as precise conversion results. And if you ask us, it is all that matters at the end of the day!

Change OST to PST, Top 3 reasons to opt for OST Extractor Pro!

Anyone who has been looking for software to change OST to PST must stop and go ahead with the conversions using OST Extractor Pro. USL software has launched a wonderful OST to PST converter tool which not only takes its job seriously but excels at it. If you want us to sell the idea of using OST Extractor Pro as your very own software to change OST to PST, then we present to you the top 3 reasons people opt for this tool.

change ost to pst

#1 Get comprehensive conversions

The downside of using the conventional methods is settling for below average conversions. But when software to change OST to PST such as OST Extractor Pro is available, we can ask for more and more.

Emails are complex structures containing various small elements which are the essence of their being. These elements are not apparent to a non-technical user but to name a few these would be HTML files, metadata, nested messages, MIME headers, Unicode text, cloud based and local attachments, etc. Their extraction, conversion, and final transition into the destination format are all dependent on the tool’s technical capabilities.

Luckily for us, OST Extractor Pro is highly skilled and thereby handles these OST to PST conversions pretty nicely. Not only does it convert each one of these elements but also ensures that these do not lose their integrity in the process. As a result, the final conversions are accurate and absolute.

#2 Fast, reliable, and flawless

OST Extractor Pro’s process of changing OST to PST is quite unique. It is carried out in a controlled environment making these conversions safe and reliable. Other than safeguarding the files, this tool has some added benefits too.

The process to change OST to PST is pretty amazing yet simple with this tool. One has to simply make some simple decisions and subsequent clicks to reach the final destination. And the advanced technology that OST Extractor Pro is built on ensures that the conversions are flawless.

#3 Comes at nominal cost

If a user is working under a tight budget, then this tool is all the more perfect to fit their needs. OST Extractor Pro is a fairly priced tool with some amazing skills at changing OST to PST.

This tool comes in many licensed keys which can be categorized based on the number of systems that it is to be used on. Other than that, this tool within those options has some basic advantages.

A full version can be secured at a very decent price. To add to the delight of the user, this version is accompanied by complementary lifetime updates as well as 24*7 customer care support team.

Get it for change OST to PST

A free trial version remains available to the public for free testing. Using this version, one can convert OST to PST with a little restriction on the number of files. These would be limited to 10 files per folder. The rest remains the same.

Did we impress you? We know we did. Here is the link to download your copy. Click now!

Here is the best freeware to convert MBOX to PST Mac

To convert MBOX to PST Mac freeware are available. But not all tools offering such freeware to convert MBOX to PST Mac have all the features to showcase. These tools give you the option to use the feature and once you click on the same you are denied of the functionality and taken to a page to buy the tool.

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Mac Mail to Outlook (PST) Converter

Struggling with your Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversion? Give Mail Extractor Pro a try: Mail Extractor Pro

‘Technology’, the word that revolutionized the world. With advancements in technology every process, from a simple to complex, has been simplified and has become more efficient.

That is the case with Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversions as well.

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook (PST): The task at Hand

 Email Conversion is one of the toughest task that you come across. It is a necessary evil, so here is no two ways around the process.

Earlier, the way to go with your Mac Mail to Outlook PST conversion was the manual way. A trained professional was required, and the results were never hat were expected.

But as the whole world advanced, so did the email conversion. Third-party converters ere the solution that everyone was looking for.

They made the conversion process easier, smarter and fast. But choosing the right Mac Mail to Outlook PST became the next challenge.

Mail Extractor Pro: The tool to do it all

When it comes to choosing the right Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter, Mail Extractor Pro is the choice.

Mail Extractor Pro works on Mac. It can convert Apple Mail, Postbox Data, Mozilla Thunderbird and MBOX to PST for both Mac & Windows Outlook.

mac mail to outlook

The most recommended tool by both professional and casual users offers you the best features in the market that help you get on with the Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversion process and get the best results.

The tool captures everything that you wished and then put it all under a one big wrap. It offers Accuracy, Precision, Speed and a lot more. The tool is the most recommended Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter for a reason.

Convert Everything and Anything

When you load your email database for conversion it contains all kinds of data. Nested messages, Attachments, Calendar data etc. come under the category of Unicode data and all the textual data comes under the category of ASCII.

Preserve Unicode Contents

Usually any Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter does not face any problem with the ASCII side of the data. It is the Unicode part that causes all the hassle.

Unicode data’s encoding scheme is a little bit tricky therefore, many Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converters fail at this very step.

This results in an incomplete conversion process and causes many problems for the input file too.

Mail Extractor Pro provides safety to your data by converting all the Unicode data present in your input file with utmost caution and precision. Thus, resulting in a complete and safe conversion process.

Speed and Ease: The Most Effective Combination

Speed of any conversion process is an important factor that helps you decide the right Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter.

Time is money in today’s world and Mail Extractor Pro understands that and tries to save all your time that it can. It does so by using the approach of Bulk Conversion.

mac mail to outlook pst

The best bulk conversion for al

Multiple accounts Conversion allows you to select all accounts data that you want to convert and then converts them all in a single go. Multiple account conversion does not compromise with the conversion ability of the tool and treats each file with the ultimate accuracy and precision that the tool has to offer.

It just cuts down on the time wasted in the conversion process. And to do it all this Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter offers you the easiest interface there is.

The interface offered by Mail Extractor Pro makes all of this very easy by providing you with dialog boxes and pop-up wizards at every step of the conversion process.

These help you in attaining a perfect Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion process.

Get this Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter

Download the free trial copy of the tool today and get started.

mac mail to outlook pst conversion

Get it today to export Apple Mail to PST file format. You can import that into both Mac and Win Outlook (All version of MS Outlook).

Export Thunderbird to Outlook PST in an instant with data safety

Whether you need to export Thunderbird to Outlook PST, convert Apple Mail to PST or MBOX to PST, the Mail Extractor Pro by USL Software would ensure you have an easy time doing that. Use this tool to export Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Postbox data to MS Outlook for Windows, Office 365 and Outlook for Mac.

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