Convert Apple Mail to MBOX Standard Format Through “Mail Extractor Max”

Apple Mail first edition used an MBOX file to store data automatically. However, after the second edition, Apple Mail introduced EMLX file for the same purpose of storing data. The EMLX format contain a single message within each file. And all the files are stored inside a folder with .mbox extension. This changed was introduced to make index searching quicker and easier.

So this means that Apple Mail doesn’t use standard MBOX format. The mailboxes folders that you see with .mbox extension are just simple folders containing EMLX files.

This wasn’t necessarily a bad move, but for users who need standard MBOX files, they can feel a bit limited by this. Therefore, there’s a growing demand for efficient tools that can convert Apple Mail to MBOX standard format.

How to Convert Apple Mail to MBOX Standard

And today, we have just the perfect tool for that. It’s called “Mail Extractor Max” by USL Software. It’s specialty lies in three major features:

Convert Apple Mail to MBOX Standard
  • Easy Interface: The GUI is designed for effortless and smooth conversion even by basic home users with no experience. All the features, options, buttons, preferences, etc. are structured nicely so you can use them as needed without any tutorial. Everything is self-explanatory and intuitive. The wizard guides you at every step towards the successful completion of data conversion.
  • Auto-load: The tool can automatically pick up the Apple Mail profile database, or you can manually choose any backup folder as well. The data gets ready for conversion to MBOX files without any manual steps. Let go of any other obsolete and inefficient techniques. You don’t need them anymore.
  • Data Accuracy: The third major difference between “Mail Extractor Max” and all other similar tools is its ability to convert data cleanly and without any compromises to the integrity. This means, whatever is inside your Apple Mail database, all of it will be converted to MBOX files, while avoiding any modifications or corruption to the data.

Combining these three elements (GUI, Auto-load function, and accuracy), USL Software (the company behind “Mail Extractor Max“) has truly ended the long suffered pain of Apple Mai to Standard MBOX conversion. It also effectively resolved the slow conversion speed by ordinary tools. “Mail Extractor Max” has the most efficient programming that delivers smooth data-flow, resulting in the fastest email migration.

What’s more?

It can be even convert your Thunderbird, Postbox, and Entourage database automatically, just like Apple Mail can. Therefore, it is more than simply Apple Mail to Standard MBOX converter, but a complete package for all your conversion needs in Mac.

Here are a few more functions that further strengthens the value of “Mail Extractor Max” beyond any ordinary tool’s capability:

  • It supports non-English text conversion fully
  • The tool can convert data without modifying the folder hierarchy
  • There’s a batch conversion support meaning you can convert a large database without issues.
  • There’s also a full log report with in-depth details of the entire process.
  • 24×7 customer support of USL Software makes the job more reliable and risk-free. If you have any concerns and issues, don’t hesitate to contact the support team.


Give it a try to Convert Apple Mail to MBOX Standard format?

Mail Extractor Max  – Convert Apple Mail to Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox, Outlook:mac 2011, MBOX and EML file format.

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