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The OST Extractor Pro by USL Software is a professional level mail converter app which is suitable for all kinds of data and formats. This app is first and foremost the best methodology to keep one’s file in a safe format. The OST format is used by computer systems to store files when the connection to server is lost. However, that format is quit vulnerable to even the slightest of threats like abrupt shutdown of system, loss of Exchange files, attack of viruses, hardware corruption and such. Thus, people ae re advised to convert their data in OST format to the PST format with the OST Extractor Pro.

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Choose maximum benefits with minimum investment:

Using the OST Extractor Pro to convert files from OST to PST format is a beneficial affair since it provides so many features at such low investment. It is also the number one solution to data corruption threat during data conversion process. There is no possibility of data loss or corruption to the users of this app. Its other features are elaborated below:

Compatible with all formats:

The major reason behind the corruption of files by other apps and their inability to convert certain files successfully is their inability to recognize or be compatible with all kinds of data and formats. The OST Extractor Pro on the other hand can work with a wide variety of file formats-OST, PST, eml, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox etc. It is also compatible with all versions of the OST format- from Exchange 5.0 to 2017 and Outlook 2003 to 2016. This makes sure that all files get through conversion without hindrances.

Converts file of any size:

It is a usual case scenario for people to have their data saved and mails piled up in the OST format due to lack of knowledge about the risk involved. The point being, the storage of files over a long time into this format makes the files large in size which may seem difficult to deal with. However, this app deals with it all without affecting the consistency of the task. Also, the unique batch conversion technique allows clients to convert as many files as they want at once without thinking twice. This feature speeds up the process and accelerates the frequency of the task.

Precision and safety:

This tool guarantees utmost safety in the conversion task and after it. Once the files have been converted with care, it goes on to even arrange the files into the right sequence of folders and subfolders according to hierarchy of importance. Non-English languages are not an issue with this either and the client doesn’t have to fear about them getting converted into junk. It can recognize all foreign languages, even those with double-byte characters.

Try it here:

OST Extractor Pro Works on Mac & Windows

This app has taken care to provide all possible comforts to its users. With its speed of conversion at 1 GB per 10 minutes, it is a steal. Plus its supportive customer care service is another important aspect of it. A full version as well as trial version is available with this app.

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