Convert Mac Mail to Pst Free Trial “Mail Extractor Pro”

“Mail Extractor Pro” is one of the best software solutions for Mac Mail data conversion needs. If you are moving to Windows and looking to add all the emails from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook, you would find a huge value in “Mail Extractor Pro”. It lets you convert 10 items from Mac Mail to Pst, and it will be free for 10 items each folder. If you are satisfied with the performance, you can extend that number by purchasing the full license. Here is the link for its free trial version.

It converts the Mac Mail data – either directly from its identity folder “Mail”, or from Mbox file – to Pst file format. The good thing about Pst now is that it can be imported even in Outlook 2016 for Mac, along with all Windows Outlook versions. So even if you are not moving to Windows and staying with Mac but using Outlook 2016, Mail Extractor Pro will be a big help.

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Perhaps the top most quality that differentiates it from the others is its quality of conversion. Let us speak about the quality and what it means in data conversion of emails.

Data accuracy

Generally, when a tool convert Mbox to Pst , it is bound to lose certain components of data. The conversion is very rarely 100%. The most sensitive parts of data that ordinary tools fail to pick up and convert are –

  • email attachments
  • images and graphics within text body
  • nested messages
  • properties of emails (to, from, subject, cc, Bcc, time, and date)

All of these information types are structured very differently in both Mbox and Pst format. That is why it has always been a challenge to properly convert them into Pst. Even if tool reads the file 100% correctly, it fails to implement that data into Pst in a way that Outlook 2016 or Windows Outlook can read them.

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You will find certain missing elements. The images may come broken, the attachments won’t be there with the emails, and so on. This can be a huge issue with the users who are converting emails from work. Because the data might be sensitive and confidential and very important. Certain times, the bank details, the credit card details, and other info of customers are either with the attached files or are embedded as images into email body. And the concern of this data getting damage is understandably huge.

Coming back to “Mail Extractor Pro”; it employs a strong and effective interaction with Mbox file and a smart conversion logic that no amount of data leakage, loss, or corruption is possible. Every single unit of data, in any form, images or attachments, is preserved during the transition process. When you import back the Pst files into your Outlook, you will still be able to access the data accurately, in exact similar way as it was originally in Mac Mail.

Other features

There are many other features that “Mail Extractor Pro” offers.

  • Auto-load– It lets you convert the data directly from Apple mail identity folder, instead of manually converting from Mbox file.
  • Speed– the speed of conversion can reach up to 1GB/10 minutes, which is significantly faster than the average speed of most tools.
  • Easy interface– the GUI of the tool consists of just one screen, with just two major buttons, and 2 additional ones at the time of loading the database. The two major buttons are “Load” and “convert”. When you click on “load”, you are presented with two more buttons – auto-load and Mbox file (explained above).
  • After the file or the database is loaded, you can choose the folders for conversion, and click “Convert”. That is all there is to it!
  • Non-English characters supported– All the languages are supported by Mail Extractor Pro, even the ones that are encoded uniquely, such as double byte characters.
  • Folder structure – The structure of folders in your Mac Mail is preserved during the conversion, and is remained unharmed in converted Pst files.

The link ( to download the free version is given above. Go ahead and give it a try now!

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