Convert Mac Outlook to MBOX Can be Simple and Quick – Here’s How!

Convert Mac Outlook to MBOX file format

Mac Outlook can only archive data to OLM files, and Mac Mail can only import data through MBOX files. This creates a conundrum for users moving away from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail – how to transfer all the data that they have stored over the last many years?

So, few third-parties came up with a solution to convert Mac Outlook to MBOX files using OLM files. However, most of them weren’t received well by the users. The main problems with those are loss of data during conversion, difficult interfaces, no support, loss of non-English text, slow conversion speed, and more.

Therefore, it was accepted that email migration tasks like converting Mac Outlook to MBOX is very challenging and tedious, especially for non-expert users.

And this is where USL Software comes into the picture. They started developing a tool for converting Mac Outlook to MBOX files and wanted to make it easy, quick, and accurate. This required a lot of innovative data extractor algorithms and a creative design for the interface. But ultimately, they did make an excellent software solution that will end the myths about Mac Outlook to MBOX conversion.

Tool to Convert Mac Outlook to MBOX

The solution is “OLM Extractor Pro“. It helps you move emails, contacts, and calendar entries from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail by the same logic of converting OLM to MBOX files. However, the inner framework that handles the data extraction is quite unique that makes it stand out from all other traditional file converters.

Convert Mac Outlook to MBOX

It has a powerful logic that would get the information from OLM files and integrate it all into MBOX without missing anything. This ensures the fidelity of your data remains intact and is not corrupted during transit.

USL Software also managed to make the tool as easy as possible to use.

The interface that helps you interact with the features of “OLM Extractor Pro” is minimalistic and very basic. Just follow the clear instructions and you will be good. Most of the advanced features (and there are plenty) are self-explanatory. And you wouldn’t have any problem applying them whenever necessary.

mac outlook to mbox conversion

Some of the examples of advanced features are:-

  • It supports batch conversion of multiple OLM files.
  • It supports non-English text conversion including Unicode content
  • The tool lets you convert contacts to VCF file
  • It lets you convert calendar data to ICS files
  • You can even merge multiple contacts and calendar entries to a single VCF and ICS file respectively per folder.
  • There is no data loss of images, attachments, metadata, nested emails, and such.
  • Very quick conversion, almost with the rate of 1GB per 10 minutes.
  • Full and brief log report to make sense of conversion data after the process.
  • 24×7 customer support that will help you resolve any situation where you feel stuck or confused.

Therefore, USL Software managed to end all the frustrations and challenges that users faced frequently with ordinary tools. “OLM Extractor Pro” has no loose ends that might make you struggle at any phase of your Mac Outlook to MBOX conversion project.

Click Here  to Download now and try it yourself to convert Mac Outlook to MBOX.

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