Convert PST to Thunderbird Using a Friendly Tool by USL Software

Are you looking to convert PST to Thunderbird? You couldn’t be at a better place than this. Below, I have revealed the best way to do that. Continue reading and find out how you can perform this email migration job smoothly that is usually cumbersome and difficult because of the complexity involved in it.

Before that, here’s a quick primer on both email clients and the nature of the migration between them.

Thunderbird by Mozilla is a preferred email client of many people. And why not? It has some hard-to-ignore qualities – Free, cross-platform, and open source. All of these three things have an immense value from a users’ point of view.

On the other hand, Microsoft plays a different game with Outlook. It comes as part of Office 365 subscriptions with other Office apps such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. You can also get it as a single app from Microsoft store.

The Windows community loves Outlook for its versatile features, flexibility, intuitive interface, support, and natural integration with exchange services. Outlook 2016 is enhanced further for working with online cloud services, like OneDrive, in a productive manner.

Both Outlook and Thunderbird have some similarities. They are both called information managers and offer an efficient way to deal with emails and other items. But they can also be very different.

One of the differences between them is the data file format. PST is the native file format of Windows Outlook and is not compatible with Thunderbird. This incompatibility creates distress for users trying to switch from Outlook to Thunderbird and needs to migrate the local data stored in PST files to Thunderbird.

One of the options is to sync the locally stored Outlook data to an online server of your email account and then sync from the servers to the Thunderbird.

This migration technique is not viable in many cases. It takes time and internet bandwidth and often results in incomplete migration of data. Further, typical users with moderate skills find it difficult because there are numerous manual actions and steps to take.

The technique that is approved by professionals and experienced users is to employ a third party tool that can convert the PST files to Thunderbird compatible files. These third party tools extract information from Pst files into new files compatible with Thunderbird without needing any external assistance. In the end, users only have to import the output files back to Thunderbird, and that is it.

The problem with that approach is nothing but finding a decent, professional, and an easy to use tool that can actually do that. The sheer number of these Pst converters have made it harder for people to distinguish the good from bad.

That is where this article comes in.

If you are looking to convert PST to Thunderbird, go with “PST Extractor Pro.”

It is the only tool that works directly in Mac and helps you convert the files easily through its graphical interface. Developed by “USL Software”, it has features and qualities that make the job effortless.

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Here is a short list of its features –

  • User-Friendly graphical interface.
  • Loads multiple PST files and convert all of them to Thunderbird in a single batch.
  • Converts contacts and calendar to Vcf and Ics file respectively. Also, you can merge multiple of them to a single Vcf and Ics file.
  • Converts PST to various other formats such as Entourage, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Mbox, Rge, and Eml file.
  • Option to save read and unread emails in separate folders.
  • Converts non-English languages content.
  • Supports S/MIME defined content.
  • Preserves folder hierarchy, meta-data, email headers, embedded images, nested messages, and attachments.
  • Splits large Mbox files to smaller files. Manually set the maximum allowed size for Mbox.
  • 24×7 Customer support.
  • One time purchase. No renewal fees. No charges for future updates.

“PST Extractor Pro” is suited for both less-experienced users and specialists. It is also suited for both small-scale and large-scale migration. USL Software has outdone themselves by creating an excellent software program that has no compromise towards anything.

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To convert PST to Thunderbird, Download PST Extractor Pro today.

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