Easiest Way to Convert Thunderbird to PST File in a Way that Retains all Original Metadata and Other Information!

Thunderbird doesn’t let you export emails in PST format, which makes it hard if you have to migrate those emails to Outlook. But you can Thunderbird to PST using a converter tool, given the tool has the required features for a practically efficient outcome.

Way to Convert Thunderbird to PST file

Many Thunderbird to PST converter tools can convert the text from the emails. But they miss out on other details and metadata. Such partial conversion with gaps in your database is not practical and have no use. The worst part is that many people think the conversion is complete, but they later find out all the misplaced information and missing metadata, at which point, they might not have the original Thunderbird files.

The Best Thunderbird to PST Converter

To skip such inferior results of an email migration, we have a tool for you called “Mail Extractor Pro.” You do not need to cope with the inefficiencies and error-prone tools that put your data integrity at risk.

Apart from Thunderbird, It can also convert MBOX, EML, Postbox as well as Apple Mail to Outlook Mac & Windows (PST).

thunderbird to pst

Smart Algorithms

Mai Extractor Pro” works fluently and consistently with all kinds of databases and all kinds of information within them. The tool’s internal way of processing data is devised with high-end precision. It has smart-algorithms that deal with email files as they should be dealt during the transfer of email data.

Easy to operate

Apart from that, the simple interface makes the entire process much simpler than before. If you have ever used a standard Thunderbird to PST converter, you would know how overwhelming it can be to use them due to their lack of proper layout and design. This tool, on the other hand, has a user-centric approach that brilliantly combines the high-end features with a simple interface.

Accuracy in conversion

This is primary the reason of “Mail Extractor Pro” popularity among all kinds of email users and not just the ones with IT as profession. Even if you are a simple home user with only personal emails to handle and migrate to Outlook, you can just as efficiently use the tool as an expert would with years of tech experience, and you both will get the same quality of output.

convert thunderbird to pst

Get your trial copy

Pick up your free copy using the link below. You do not need to sign up for anything or fill out any form. Just click and the setup file is ready on your machine to be installed. USL Software wants to make it as easy to try out the tool as possible. It works without any unnecessary steps in the middle. It’s the same for actual conversion from Thunderbird to PST.

Thunderbird to pst converter
  • Free trial not limited by time (converts ten emails per folder)
  • Multiple licensing choices for activation
  • Technical support available via email and chat and TeamViewer all around the calendar
  • Free updates forever
  • Guaranteed safety of your data
  • Guaranteed user satisfaction.

Leave behind the old ways of migrating emails. If you want to maintain your productivity, if you want to retain the crucial information from files, and if you want to do it easily without wasting time on learning the ropes of email migration, you will find “Mail Extractor Pro” fits nicely to your style.

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