Converting PST to EML Free In A Safe and Quick Manner

Email clients like Windows Outlook use a specific file format (PST) to store and archive emails. PST is a proprietary file format for Windows Outlook, and the issue with this file format is that it is not compatible with other files.

On the other hand, EML is a file format used first by Outlook Express. But it became a general format that many email clients support. The EML is in the format of ASCII text, including the headers, body, links, and attachments. It has a standard file structure.

Having your Windows Outlook data archived in PST files is a fine decision if you are never going to use another client. But if you are not sure about that, having everything stored in PST format is not so much a wise decision. Because of the simple reason that no client other than Outlook will be open to PST files.

For this reason, many users wish to keep data stored in EML files for future purposes.

Furthermore, if you are switching your email client from Windows Outlook to other clients such as Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail. In that case, you have to convert the Outlook PST file to EML file for exporting emails.

Basically, all clients support EML files.

You too may be here for these reasons: you are just looking to keep a backup of your Outlook data in EML files. OR, you are moving away from Outlook to another email client. OR, you want to share a PST file with a user who does not have Windows Outlook.

Whatever the reason is, you are at the right place.

Converting PST to EML Safely

The Process of converting PST to EML can be a nuisance. It is often being performed, but the correct solution is rare.

If you go for free PST to EML converters, there can be even more troubles and pains. Free email migration tools are never good for converting email data. They can lead to data loss, corruption, and incomplete migration.

A skilled user or the experts have never endorsed the free converters.

What is a solution, then?

There are extremely few professional solutions that can do the task well for you. And “PST Extractor Pro” is one of them.

converting pst to eml

The Features of “PST Extractor Pro”

The features of “PST Extractor Pro” makes it what it is.

Continue reading below to find out what all “PST Extractor Pro” can do.

Intuitive GUI: The GUI of the tool is improved substantially over the traditional interfaces. Built carefully by the USL developers, it offers a smooth conversion for beginners where everything is self-explanatory and flows naturally.

Never Misses an Item during conversion: Most of the times, converters fail to pick up data and convert accurately. You will find issues like:

  • Missing Email attachments
  • Broken Embedded Images
  • Modified Folder Hierarchy
  • Missing headers and metadata
  • Missing timestamps and date

And such. These errors are very common when it comes to PST to EML conversion.

This is what “PST Extractor Pro” has managed to eliminate completely. It does not let you convert the data without a mistake.

Split Large MBOX files: Internet is filled with plenty of users griping about issues with large MBOX files. If you are undertaking a large scale migration, it is likely that you will get large MBOX files. Which can be a problem.

PST Extractor Pro” has an answer to this. With this tool, you can manually set a limit to MBOX file, and after that, the tool splits the files into two smaller files. This keeps the files from getting big.

pst to eml free

Converting PST to EML Free

“PST Extractor Pro” is an excellent email migration tool for beginners, experts, and everyone. The intuitive interface, remarkable features, and high accuracy makes it the most recommended PST to EML converter.

Try its free demo version:

When you use a trial version, you can convert PST to EML files for free till ten items per folder, while using all other premium features.

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