A Better Way to Migrate ‘Mail Data’ to EML than EMLX to EML Conversion!

EMLX to EML Conversion

EML is a file format initially associated with Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail. However, it is also a generic file format to store email messages and can be used with several clients like Thunderbird, Eudora, and Entourage.

Therefore, a user trying to switch from Mac Mail to other email clients requires to convert the EMLX files from Mac Mail to EML files. Many users even keep the ‘Mail’ data backed up in EML format because of the generic nature of the file.

However, converting EMLX to EML is not an easy process. If you don’t have any experience with email migration or can’t have costly, custom-built tools that large corporations use, you are going to find the task cumbersome. And the worst part is that with most of the tools, you will end up getting fragmented data and the files with broken data integrity.

EMLX to EML Converter

So, if you are looking for a better way to get your Mail data into EML format, “Mail Extractor Max” will help you with that.

Mail Extractor Max” is a Mac application that gets the job done most quickly and without any of the issues that you’d face with an ordinary application. It’s developed by USL Software, and the developers at USL Software have done a marvelous of bringing an excellent solution for a job that otherwise doesn’t let the users off the hook easily.

emlx to eml


But why is it the best converter in this category? Surprisingly, it’s not because it can convert EMLX to EML in a better way than the most. In fact, it is not an EMLX to EML converter at all, nor does it support the said file conversion. It has another trick up its sleeve that achieves the same purpose as moving Mac Mail data into EML format.

Mail Extractor Max” directly targets or loads your emails from the profile directory of Mac Mail. This is the database that stores your Mac Mail entire contents, including emails, contacts, calendar, and even your settings. By choosing to convert your emails through “Mail Extractor Max,” you’ve been freed of manually trying to convert EMLX to EML.

Not only does this make the entire process simple and straightforward, it also affects the accuracy of output files to a great extent. Since no EMLX files are involved, there’s less manual efforts, and that means less errors. By also loading the native database directly, the loss to the fidelity of your data is none. The tool gets the data from initial format (Mac Mail) into EML format without losing the details or without any fragmentation of the contents.

Download it for EMLX to EML Conversion

Click here to get the trial edition and check it out now.

It works great and doesn’t limit the functionality or features of the tool, except it converts ten items per folder. This makes it a perfect way to get your feet wet with the interface, how it works, and to try it out its set of features without any risk.

emlx to eml converter


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If you are looking for emlx to eml converter, then must try ‘Mail Extractor Max‘.

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