Export Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook Conveniently

Export Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook has an additional challenge because it is a migration not just from one email client to other, but also from one OS (Mac) to other (Windows). Therefore, it can get very tricky to move the data from Apple Mail to Outlook without a professional assistance.

Export Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook

One tool that does the task very well is “Mail Extractor Pro”. It converts the Mbox files (apple Mail) to Pst (Outlook) conveniently. But it has many other features that separates it from other Mbox converters way too much. First of all, it also includes a feature where you don’t need Mbox files; you can simply select the “Auto Load” and it will automatically load your “Mail” folder of Apple Mail.

Export Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook PST file format with Mail Extractor Pro

Besides that, its advanced conversion mechanism ensures very accurate and thorough migration of data. You can’t expect anything being modified or lost after the conversion. Things like below are safely converted to Pst files without any incongruities.

  • Structure of the email folders
  • Email attachments
  • Properties (such as sender and reciver ID, subject, Cc, Bcc, etc.)
  • Embedded Images
  • Nested Messages

All these data elements are hard to detect in Mbox files and even harder to convert to Pst. But “Mail Extractor Pro” (Apple Mail to PST Converter) has the ability to give sharp data precision, regardless of the size of the database or number of Mbox files selected.

Export Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook, some other notable features of “Mail Extractor Pro”

  • Full Multi-language Support – These days communication can happen over long distances in a matter of seconds, which also means that internet communication via emails is not confined to English Language. That is why is mighty crucial to support all language conversion of email data, and “Mail Extractor Pro” does it perfectly well. Even languages like Chinese and Korean can be easily detected and converted by the tool to PST files.
  • Read/unread emails – It is sometimes very annoying to find the unread emails turning to read emails after the conversion. “Mail Extractor Pro” takes care of this factor as well. Additionally, it even supports the capability of saving unread emails to a different folder than the folder of read emails.

It is brought to you by USL Software, a company that has already established themselves pretty solidly in the area of email migration tools. They already offer many other tools necessary to move emails and other data from one email client to other. The main essence of their tools is their user-friendliness, speed of conversion, and accuracy of converted data.

“Mail Extractor Pro” holds all those qualities. It will give you the chance to perform this otherwise very tedious task, conveniently.

Moreover, you can always take help of their 24×7 customer support, which is ready to assist you regarding any queries or setbacks.

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Mail Extractor Pro is designed to convert / export Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook PST file format.

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