Export EML to PST for Mac & Win Outlook!

Whether you are new or a veteran of the email world, if you want to export EML to PST, you have to look for a third-party converter tool. Converter tools or specifically, third-party converter tools, are modern software applications. They are designed to help you with the EML to PST conversion process.

They are your technical assistance that help you in making the process easier, better and safer. There are a number of them present in the market but there is only one that sits on top. Which tool is that? Read on and find it yourself.

The Structural Difference between EML to PST

Email migration may seem a very simple and straightforward process from outside. But the things that go behind the scene are very technically advanced. The reason for which you need to convert is the difference between EML to PST file structure.

The way both of these files handle their data is completely different. So, you cannot just directly fit the data of EML files into Outlook or vice versa. You need to reconstruct in a way that it matches the structure of PST files.

That’s why you need to use a third-party EML to PST converter tool when you export EML to PST. These tools extract data from one file, reconstruct it and then restore it into the new file. 

Mail Extractor Pro: The converter tool that helps you export EML to PST

Mail Extractor Pro from USL Software is the third-party converter tool you should be looking at. The tool is miles ahead of the competition in terms of performances, features and ease. The tool is backed by top experts around the globe and casual users as well.

export eml to pst

The balance of features of the tool is just right. It not only makes the conversion process effective but also easy. Anyone can easily export EML to PST with this tool. The tool delivers consistent top level performance. It is very affordable and even offers a free trial for you to first try it out.

Some of the features that the tool supports include:

Exceptional Accuracy:

The conversion accuracy of the tool is out of this world. The tool converts everything down to the very last bit of data. It easily handles the textual data as well as the non-English data. The tool provides you with the ability to convert metadata, calendar data and much more. It makes your conversion process perfect.

The best Interface:

The interface of the tool makes it even easier to export EML to PST. The interface is very intuitive and intelligently designed. It is cleaner and to the point. Plus, it offers you a guide to help you out at every step of the conversion process.

Bulk Conversion:

The tool allows you to convert multiple files at once. This means you can fasten up your conversion process. Since no compromise is made with the quality of conversion, therefore, you get the same efficiency in less time.

Read more: https://alvinvann.blogspot.com/2021/08/eml-to-pst-conversion.html

Get yourself the free trial version of the tool today.

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