Export PST to MBOX Free Using “PST Extractor Pro”

Export PST to MBOX With Ease

PST Extractor Pro” is Mac OS based software from the USL Software that is considered the best for exporting PST to MBOX. It is also available in a free trial version that converts every folder but limits to ten items per folder. It allows you to check out every other feature that it has to offer without restriction. The best way to find out more is simply download the setup here and get started.

For those, who want to read more, the rest of article will briefly describe how the tool works for exporting PST to MBOX.

export pst to mbox

Export PST to MBOX with ‘PST Extractor Pro’

Here are some of the top features of “PST Extractor Pro”:

Intuitive Interface:

the UI of the tool is built such a way that it can allow even the most basic users without any experience to effortlessly export PST to MBOX. The smart application of the features makes it a truly flawless process that needs no skills or even a tutorial.

Batch Conversion:

Have more than one PST file? With any other tool, you will be losing much of your precious time trying to convert each one of them to MBOX individually. But with ‘PST Extractor Pro,’ you get the incredible support for batch conversion, allowing to migrate even multiple files to MBOX without compromising with the accuracy. And that takes us to the third feature.

Data Accuracy:

The ultimate goal is to get the data from PST files extracted into MBOX, and missing anything in between is called data integrity loss that most tools are infamous for. “PST Extractor Pro” however works through the entire database and converts everything precisely. There will be no loss of any kind of information during the data migration.

Support for folder hierarchy:

The folder hierarchy means the structure of the folders that are arranged by users inside a mailbox. Losing this hierarchy can be frustrating if not devastating. Thankfully, PST Extractor Pro gets the PST files exported to MBOX without messing with your folders’ structure.

Unicode content:

Unicode content means text in languages other than English. Some languages can get incredibly tricky to convert from PST to MBOX, like Chinese and Japanese because they use double-byte characters. “PST Extractor Pro” has dedicated logic to pick up each character even in Unicode encoding standards. It converts the entire thing without modifying or fragmenting the body of your emails.

Contacts and Calendar Conversion:

You can also convert the contacts and the calendar entries to *.VCF files and ICS files. Or more precisely, the tool automatically recognizes the form of data inside folders (mails, contacts, or calendar) and converts them to appropriate format like VCF or ICS. You can also choose to merge all the contacts data per folder into a single VCF or all calendar data into a single ICS file.

Free Trial to Export PST to MBOX

Give it a go today! You can download the free trial version using the link below. There’s no risk and you get to check out the tool and all its features for free.

Get it here: https://www.pstextractorpro.com/.

To export pst to mbox, try ‘PST Extractor Pro’ today.

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