A Working Gmail MBOX to PST Converter is a Great Asset – And You Just Found One!

Are you looking for GMail MBOX to PST Converter?

Ever since Gmail allowed users to download their entire data in MBOX file, there has been a growing concern among users – how to import that MBOX file into Outlook for Windows?

Most users might know that Windows Outlook natively support the proprietary file format called PST. So, the solution is clear, that is, to convert MBOX to PST.

But that takes us to even harder question – which Gmail MBOX to PST converter to use? And since, such email migration tasks are not daily occurrence in most users’ lives, they have no idea how to evaluate a tool. Buying a professional MBOX to PST converter can become a paralyzing thought. And then there is always the concern of data loss, which makes everything even worse.

Fear not! We’ve come with the perfect, most fine-tuned application for this that has got the approval stamp of many experts in the industry.

Most fine-tuned Gmail MBOX to PST Converter for Precise Data Migration

It’s officially dubbed as “Mail Extractor Pro.” Brought by the same company that has already gained a lot of approvals from the industry, USL Software, you are going to get a seamless way to do this an otherwise tricky job.

gmail mbox to pst converter

The tool is extremely simple to use. Just load the file, choose the folders to convert, and click ‘Convert’. USL Software has designed it in a way that you don’t need any training or technical knowledge about email migration. The interface and the wizard takes everything on itself. The only input it needs from you is that of loading the files and checking the folders for conversion. Even the second step is optional.

It’s fine-tuned to give you the most accurate file conversion ever.

The challenge during such conversion is the loss of data, or unwanted modification of details, aka, data integrity loss. The unique and patented logic used ensure every single element of data is extracted without any damage or outflow of details/information. In other words, if you are worried about damaging, or not converting properly, your folder hierarchy, non-English text, graphical data, metadata, email attachments, or any such component – stop!

The tool is thoroughly tested to give close to 100% precision.

Now Convert Multiple Gmail MBOX files to PST

Another accomplishment of USL Software is the full support for bundle conversion. You can convert multiple Gmail MBOX files to PST in a single batch.

This can be extremely valuable feature if your intention is to perform large-scale migration, especially in work-related environment. Most Gmail MBOX to PST converter severely lack in bulk migration. Most do not even support it. Those who do, they do it by compromising with the factors such as speed, performance and accuracy.

And this is where ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ truly shines through.

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GMail MBOX to PST Converter try for Free!

USL Software has a free copy of ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ to get you to try it first. It limits the conversion to ten items per folder, but other than that, has no difference from the full version. You can check out the features as thoroughly as you wish to.

Claim your free setup file here.

Looking for Gmail MBOX to PST Converter, then try it.

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