How to Switch From Outlook to Mac Mail With Almost Zero Efforts

If you have ever employed less than professional tools to switch from Outlook to Mac Mail, you know the technical challenge that comes with it. If you have not, then you are lucky to never go that path.

outlook to mac mail

Many users try the manual conversion methods that are popular in internet, and spread by many bloggers. You can perform them without any cost, and it always a choice that you have. But, most of the times, it is not a wiser choice. It takes an ample of your time, the conversion can be incomplete, and most of all, it does not help in migration for other than just emails. Not to mention that it is very, very difficult.

Many of the users are simply looking to move the email data from Windows Outlook to Mac Mail in the shortest time, in the easiest way, and in the most effective way possible.

So, the solution we have for you today is called “PST Extractor Pro”. It is a third party tool, developed by a renowned company, known for providing email migration solutions. The tool has a simple wizard, but a very sophisticated data conversion logic inside it. It scans your Pst files thoroughly and convert them to MBOX very quickly. In that sense, it is a file converter for Outlook PST files, but many features that it offers make it much more than just a file converter. It acts as a full email migration solution for an effortless, exact, and effective switching of data from Outlook to Mac Mail.

Here are main qualities of the tool and why you should choose it for Outlook to Mac Mail Conversion?


To a non-computer expert, the task of moving emails from Outlook to Apple Mail sounds very problematic, often daunting and exhaustive. In a sense, it is – but only if you choose the wrong method.

“PST Extractor Pro” has simplified this task in a considerable manner. Through its graphical interface, you can be done with the conversions in mere minutes. Simply follow the instructions that are displayed to you, and everything will flow smoothly.

Safety of your files

We feel that you may be very concerned about the safety of your files. After all, if your data were not important, you would not be bothering about the email converter tools. Relax! With PST Extractor Pro, you get the safest way possible for conversion. It employs elite quality programming framework for the complex tasks, which creates a protective environment for the files and immune them from any type of threats during the whole conversion period.

Batch Conversion

“PST Extractor Pro” also brings a desperately wanted feature called batch conversion of files. It can support multiple Pst file conversion at the same time. You can load any number of PST files, and it will convert all of them to Mbox in no time. It offers full stability regardless of the size of database, and there is no performance lag during batch conversion.

It also offers many other features that make it very flexible and convenient for a common user. Such as the capability of preserving folder hierarchy, read/unread status of emails, and Unicode content.

You may not want to miss this one.

Claim your free copy of the tool here.

Download PST Extractor Pro for your Outlook to Mac Mail Conversion.

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