Import Apple Mail to Thunderbird

Import Apple Mail to Thunderbird often gets users in trouble because of its complex nature. While there’s some sort of in-built feature in Thunderbird that lets you import your mailboxes from Apple Mail, it’s not suitable for large databases. And archiving folders to an MBOX files and then importing them to Thunderbird is also time-consuming, along with other problems like data loss and partial conversion.

Way to Import Apple Mail to Thunderbird

The best way you can deal with this job is by using a well-built software system that has all the features and support to migrate emails correctly. These software applications are built around the limitations and complexities involved that any other manual methods wouldn’t be able to solve.

But the third-party solutions are not all effective. In fact, many of them are callously developed by amateurs that do not have the algorithms necessary to handle the components inside Apple Mail.

A large part of such converters are actually EMLX file converters, because they require users to load the EMLX files manually for conversion. EMLX is a raw data file used by Mac Mail; each EMLX file contain a single email message. EMLXPART is a separate type of format for storing attachments.

As a result, majority of Apple Mail to Thunderbird converter are meant for converting only emails.

Here we will be discussing the best software utility for Mac users that will let you import Apple Mail to Thunderbird but doesn’t suffer from the same limitations and problems of a typical file converter. And here’s the most important detail about this utility: it is not an EMLX to Thunderbird converter.

So, how does it convert the data, you may ask?

This application doesn’t require you to manually load EMLX or MBOX or any other file. You can choose “Auto-load‘. It will load your Apple Mail primary database (also called identity or profile) from the default location itself. You can even select any backup database folder you may have in any other location on your computer.

This unconventional method helps users save a lot of time and efforts. More than that, it removes almost all chances of errors an EMLX file conversion method outputs.

The tool is called “Mail Extractor Max” and is brought to you by USL Software.

import apple mail to thunderbird

The Key Features

Other than its auto-load feature, it also brings new and helpful functionality to the table. It was always necessary but the simple file converters never offered, such as:

  • It doesn’t leave any non-English text character such as Chinese. Converts every word from your emails cleanly.
  • It maps the entire folder hierarchy from Apple Mail to Thunderbird without modification. This is a direct benefit of converting the entire database automatically rather than converting EMLX files.
  • The tool lets you choose which folders you want to convert and which not by simply ticking/unticking the boxes.
  • The interface is built creatively that allows all these different features and controls to co-exist without making it too cluttered. The unique blend of complexity and advanced features make it the most suitable converter for this process for both beginners and advanced users.
  • The tool also converts Apple Mail to Postbox, Entourage, Outlook Mac, MBOX files, and EML files.

Get the trial setup and check out all these features yourself.

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