Import MBOX into Outlook 2016 – USL Software Has Finally Cracked the Code

USL Software Has Finally Cracked the Code to Quick, Accurate, and Easy Way to Import MBOX into Outlook 2016.

Import MBOX into Outlook 2016

Importing Mbox into Outlook 2016 is a huge challenge, even for the IT experts. Most of the MBOX to Outlook 2016 converters have failed to offer the users a proper way to migrate data. USL Software, a world-renowned company has finally cracked the code to do this in a way that doesn’t make users frustrated or totally insane.

Outlook 2016 and PST files

Outlook 2016 is Office 365 edition of one of the most popular email clients in Windows OS & Mac OS. It is by Microsoft and has the biggest user-base in Windows & Mac Office.

The client uses the proprietary file system to store data, called ‘Personal Storage Table’, or PST more commonly. This PST file format contains the emails, contacts, calendar entries, and everything else. Outlook can automatically create this file or you can also manually backup the data in this file.

Note: Windows Outlook can both import & export PST file where Mac Outlook can only import PST file and export as OLM file.

But when you want to transfer Mac Mail data to Windows Outlook or Mac Outlook, there is a bit of a problem. Mac Mail can only archive data to MBOX file, which Windows Outlook doesn’t support. It often comes as a surprise to users who are for the first-time migrating data. This is because MBOX is usually a generic file format that many email clients support.

So, the option to import MBOX into Outlook 2016 directly is out of question. What most of the users do nowadays is sync the data to server using IMAP method. Then, sync the data back from servers to Windows Outlook. But this can be quite lengthy and not at all useful for all practical reasons.

Converting MBOX to Outlook 2013 PST files is yet again tricky. As said above, most companies that offer these MBOX to PST converters do not a commendable job. In fact, you are at risk of losing your email data with some of these tools, given how inefficient and strange algorithms they use to extract information.

Sadly, most users never find an alternative, and are forced to convert MBOX to Outlook 2016 PST. Today, we have a good news for you.

USL Software, a well-established company in email migration sphere, took the challenge head-on and came out with an unconventional but effective approach to data migration.

Their tool, Mail Extractor Pro, can convert MBOX to PST with extreme precision that was never possible before. But that’s just the secondary option. It’s primary input method is directly loading data from the native database of Mac Mail. No MBOX files needed. This approach gets rid of all the problems, issues, challenges and setbacks that the traditional MBOX to Outlook 2016 converters never could.

All you have to do is choose the ‘Auto-load’ feature and you are good to go. The user-interface makes everything else a child’s play.

Import mbox into outlook 2016

There are many other features as well such as: –

  • Converting Non-English text
  • Preserving folder hierarchy
  • Batch MBOX to PST conversion
  • Preserving metadata and SMTP headers
  • Full in-depth log report
  • 24×7 customer support

Mail Extractor Pro to Import MBOX into Outlook 2016

Download the free trial version right now and see for yourself.

Download Now at

mbox to outlook 2016 converter

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Import mbox into Outlook 2016 is now hassle free with Mail Extractor Pro.

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