Here is How You Can Import OLM to Thunderbird Mac Despite of OLM Incompatibility with The Thunderbird Client!

Import OLM to Thunderbird Mac Quickly

If you are moving from Mac Outlook to Thunderbird Mac, you might be surprised by one thing. The data file that Mac Outlook can archive its data into is not compatible with Thunderbird. There is absolutely no such option in Thunderbird that you can use to import Outlook 2011 OLM files.

Do not worry. There is a way to import your data despite of that. NO, I am not talking about using an IMAP based email server to sync the data using internet. That will take hours, if not days depending on the size of your database. I am talking about a far better alternative that will export the data even more precisely than using IMAP based approach.

It’s called “OLM Extractor Pro,” which is a tool developed by USL Software to ease this situation a little bit.

By the name of it, it might be indicative of what it does. It extracts the data from OLM files and after conversion into appropriate structure, designate it to new files that are fully compatible with Thunderbird. This is the best and quickest way around the task of importing OLM to Thunderbird Mac.

import olm to thunderbird mac

These steps are extremely simple and anyone can follow them, in spite of how less they are experience with email migration.

Here’s what you need to do.

  • Download the tool here. You can install it and start using it in a free trial mode for now.
  • Click on ‘Add OLM’ to load your Outlook 2011 OLM files for conversion. (You can add more than OLM file and convert all of them together. Batch Conversion is one of the best feature of “OLM Extractor Pro.”)
  • The tool scans the files thoroughly and display all the content on the preview window.
  • You can un-mark the folders that you don’t want to convert. You can also filter the folders according to their types, and even ignore all empty folders in a single click.
  • After checking the correct folders for conversion to Thunderbird Mac, you can check the settings that are available for further adding the flexibility and control.
  • Choose ‘Thunderbird Email Database’ as output
  • Saving read/unread emails in separate folders
    • Merge contacts to a single VCF file per folder
    • Merge calendar entries to a single ICS file per folder
    • Split large MBOX files
  • Click ‘Convert’ and wait for the tool do its job.

After finished, you will get the confirmation window.

You can directly go to the folder where the tool saved the converted files for Thunderbird. Simply import them to Thunderbird (‘file’ à ‘Import’) and you will get all of your data exported nicely.

The great thing about this application from USL is that it is capable of converting every single piece of information without loss or damage. Non-English text, images, attachments, headers, signatures used for verification of documents, and anything else – all are suitably converted with zero damage to the details and properties.

Try Now to Import OLM to Thunderbird Mac

The download for free trial version is given below.

Download Now:

 “OLM Extractor Pro” can also convert OLM files to multiple other formats not limited to just Thunderbird Mac. Other available output formats are Apple Mail, Entourage, Postbox, RGE file, EML file, and MBOX file.

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Import OLM to Thunderbird Mac by converting OLM to Thunderbird Mail Database using OLM Extractor Pro.

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