Importing OST files in Outlook is easier than ever before!

If you are struggling with importing OST files into Outlook, then don’t. OST files aren’t meant to be manually imported into Outlook. You need to convert it into the desired format to access its data.

Opening OST files in Outlook

Recovering OST to PST is no joke. Practically it is impossible as OST files aren’t manufactured to be imported into Outlook.  But there is a way with which you can achieve this impossible task.

OST files are the original internal files of Outlook. They were developed to facilitate the internal workings of your Outlook account. They were never meant to be handled manually or for data migration. They just allowed users to work in an offline environment and were used for syncing up the data when the system came online. Thus, you cannot import OST in Outlook.

You may usually find users confusing OST files with PST. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. It is used for managing and transferring your personal data. OST stands for Offline Storage Table. Thus, self-describing what each file is used for.

Until and unless you have the native email account to which your OST file is related to it’s no problem. But as soon as you delete the email account just keeping the OST file as backup, trouble starts. Since you cannot open OST files without their native email account, thus, the data within the file becomes unreachable.

OST Extractor Pro is the answer

The answer to your problem of importing OST in Outlook is USL Software’s OST Extractor Pro. An all-round conversion solution packed with the latest features and wrapped up in one easy to use interface.

OST files in Outlook

The tool is highly recommended by experts and casual users alike. It is a powerful yet sophisticated approach towards your conversion process.

Get support for all kinds of resources

Use of multiple email clients is very common in this data driven online world. Since OST stores all your local changes, the way its structured differs from email client to email client.

This becomes a real problem with ordinary converter tools. They fail to cope up with the changes, thus, leaving you high and dry and in need of another tool to import your OST files in Outlook.

But not OST Extractor Pro. This single tool provides you support for different email clients including Outlook (97 to 2019), Exchange (0.5 to 2017 edition), Office 365 Outlook subscriptions and ANSI OST files.

Retain the folder structure

Messed up folder structures while importing OST files in Outlook can be a real headache. finding the data post conversion and working upon it can become really overwhelming with such converter tools.

This tool solves this problem as well. The tool retains the folder hierarchy of your input files during your conversion process. This gives the output file produced an exact similar folder structure to your input files. Thus, making your post conversion operations easier.

importing ost files  in outlook

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Get your hands on the free trial of the tool today and get started with your conversion process.

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