Importing Outlook PST file into Apple Mail

Outlook PST file into Apple Mail – How to Guarantee Your Success Every Time!

Migrating emails is the most inconsistent type of tasks there is. Seldom does it end with results that you wanted or needed. Importing Outlook PST file into Apple Mail is not any different. But there is a way to ensure success and accuracy every time.

Import Outlook PST file into Apple Mail

PST Extractor Pro is a Mac compatible tool that is consistent, quick, and accurate with your data. Featuring ultra-sophisticated algorithms, intuitive user-interface, and Unicode text conversion support – it is fully capable of giving you the streamlined experience that is unlikely with generic software apps. Now you can import Outlook PST to Apple Mail and be confident that every time, you will get clean output free of any errors.

It can convert PST to Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Postbox, Entourage (*.rge), MBOX as well as PST to EML file formats.

How can it solve your problem?

What are the common problems with importing Outlook PST file into Apple Mail, and how does ‘PST Extractor Pro’ solve them?

outlook pst file inot apple mail

#1 Convert Multiple PST at once

Firstly, if you have a lot of PST files to import to Apple Mail, with generic tools, you might have to convert them one by one, which is a very time-consuming approach. With ‘PST Extractor Pro,’ you can select all of them at once and convert in one-go.

#2 Convert Unicode Contents

Non-English text encoded using standard called Unicode are often ignored. This tool by USL Software has an in-built support system to process text in any language, including Chinese and Japanese that use double-byte characters (trickier than most).

#3 Maintain Folder Hierarchy

Do you arrange your emails in folders? The chances are that you do. Most modern-day email users have many folders and sub-folders within them. Email migration with subpar methods could lead to loss of your folder hierarchy, making it a nightmare to manage emails later on. ‘PST Extractor Pro’ introduces a sophisticated folder-mapping algorithm that will keep everything in its place firmly.

#4 Fast Performance

Not enough time? That could be another concern if you are trying to import Outlook PST to Apple Mail, because it consumes a lot of your important hours. The tool PST Extractor Pro is developed with this exact issue in mind, and its, faster programming makes it possible to convert even the large and multiple files in much less time than other similar software apps. If you are the kind of user who doesn’t like to see the productivity drop down, you will love it.

#5 Also Converts your Contacts & Calendar Data

If you also have a lot of contacts and calendar, you will find that the traditional method for PST conversion doesn’t work so well. ‘PST Extractor Pro’ has native feature to convert contacts to VCF and calendar entries to ICS files. It is a much needed feature that hasn’t been offered by other tools.

Try It free Today

Importing Outlook PST file to Apple Mail can be problematic. And there are many more problems associated with the task than the five main problems we stated above. If you wouldn’t like to face all of them, then get PST Extractor Pro today. It works every time you need to convert your Outlook data and every time, it offers accurate conversion without any losses or integrity damage. The trial version is available to download, which will help you check out all these features yourself.

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