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‘Technology’, the word that revolutionized the world. With advancements in technology every process, from a simple to complex, has been simplified and has become more efficient.

That is the case with Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversions as well.

Convert Mac Mail to Outlook (PST): The task at Hand

 Email Conversion is one of the toughest task that you come across. It is a necessary evil, so here is no two ways around the process.

Earlier, the way to go with your Mac Mail to Outlook PST conversion was the manual way. A trained professional was required, and the results were never hat were expected.

But as the whole world advanced, so did the email conversion. Third-party converters ere the solution that everyone was looking for.

They made the conversion process easier, smarter and fast. But choosing the right Mac Mail to Outlook PST became the next challenge.

Mail Extractor Pro: The tool to do it all

When it comes to choosing the right Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter, Mail Extractor Pro is the choice.

Mail Extractor Pro works on Mac. It can convert Apple Mail, Postbox Data, Mozilla Thunderbird and MBOX to PST for both Mac & Windows Outlook.

mac mail to outlook

The most recommended tool by both professional and casual users offers you the best features in the market that help you get on with the Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversion process and get the best results.

The tool captures everything that you wished and then put it all under a one big wrap. It offers Accuracy, Precision, Speed and a lot more. The tool is the most recommended Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter for a reason.

Convert Everything and Anything

When you load your email database for conversion it contains all kinds of data. Nested messages, Attachments, Calendar data etc. come under the category of Unicode data and all the textual data comes under the category of ASCII.

Preserve Unicode Contents

Usually any Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter does not face any problem with the ASCII side of the data. It is the Unicode part that causes all the hassle.

Unicode data’s encoding scheme is a little bit tricky therefore, many Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converters fail at this very step.

This results in an incomplete conversion process and causes many problems for the input file too.

Mail Extractor Pro provides safety to your data by converting all the Unicode data present in your input file with utmost caution and precision. Thus, resulting in a complete and safe conversion process.

Speed and Ease: The Most Effective Combination

Speed of any conversion process is an important factor that helps you decide the right Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter.

Time is money in today’s world and Mail Extractor Pro understands that and tries to save all your time that it can. It does so by using the approach of Bulk Conversion.

mac mail to outlook pst

The best bulk conversion for al

Multiple accounts Conversion allows you to select all accounts data that you want to convert and then converts them all in a single go. Multiple account conversion does not compromise with the conversion ability of the tool and treats each file with the ultimate accuracy and precision that the tool has to offer.

It just cuts down on the time wasted in the conversion process. And to do it all this Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter offers you the easiest interface there is.

The interface offered by Mail Extractor Pro makes all of this very easy by providing you with dialog boxes and pop-up wizards at every step of the conversion process.

These help you in attaining a perfect Mac Mail to Outlook Conversion process.

Get this Mac Mail to Outlook PST Converter

Download the free trial copy of the tool today and get started.

mac mail to outlook pst conversion

Get it today to export Apple Mail to PST file format. You can import that into both Mac and Win Outlook (All version of MS Outlook).

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