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The Only MBOX to PST converter freeware Tool That converts Without any Trace of Horrific Data Corruption or Loss or Integrity Flaws.

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MBOX is a file first implemented by Apple in its Mac email client called “Mail”. Since then, MBOX has become a generic data file used to store data. It is compatible with many other clients and programs. Ironically, MBOX is no more used with Mac Mail. Instead, Mac Mail stores email messages in EMLX files (one file for each individual email) and attachments are stored in EMLXPART files.

Therefore, when it comes to moving data from Apple Mail to other clients, especially Windows Outlook, the typical MBOX to PST converter freeware tools don’t really help. You can technically use those converters by archiving mails to an MBOX file first through manual drag-and-drop method. But it’s too tedious and time-consuming.

It’s better if you avoid MBOX to PST freeware solutions as MBOX isn’t a native file for Mac Mail. Converting MBOX files for moving Mac Mail creates unnecessary stress and prolong the task without any purpose.

What’s an alternative and better approach is to use a tool that can directly convert Mac Mail database from its identity/profile location without you having to user either MBOX or EMLX file.

The Best MBOX to PST Converter

Mail Extractor Pro” from USL Software is one such tool for this process. It is universally accepted now as the most efficient solution.

mbox to pst converter freeware

If you just want to get the emails and other items transferred from Mac Mail to Windows Outlook, forget about EMLX to PST conversion or MBOX to PST conversion. “Mail Extractor Pro” allows you to directly and automatically load the profile database. It converts everything straightaway without any intermediate unnecessary steps.

This also results in faster and more accurate data conversions.

And all of this is achieved with perfection through “Mail Extractor Pro”. Through its simple interface, you can get started within few minutes. And you will realize how demanding any other method can get. Developed by USL Software, this tool reaches beyond any other MBOX to PST converter freeware solution can. It supports non-English text conversion, folder hierarchy safety, and is able to convert huge databases very quickly.

It’s simply the most productive tool to convert Mac Mail to PST files and while also keeping the data integrity in check.

mbox to pst converter

The tool can convert essentially all the information within Mac Mail database, including email attachments, nested emails, images and any other graphical objects, metadata and headers (to, from, Cc, bcc, subject, etc.). It also contained dedicated support to convert Chinese text from emails. This is otherwise very tricky because of their double-byte characters.

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MBOX to PST Converter Freeware Trial Version

To download, click the link below. This file is a simple setup file that you can double-click on and install the tool instantly. It runs by default on a free trial version. The tool gets you the opportunity to try it out without restrictions on any important feature. It converts only ten item/folder, which is the only difference between trial edition and a full activated one.

Get it Here: http://www.mailextractorpro.com/.

Do not go for any mbox to pst converter freeware tool to convert your email data, try Mail Extractor Pro for hassle free and accurate conversion.

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