Migrate from Mac Outlook to Entourage (*.rge)

How Do Experts Migrate from Mac Outlook to Entourage Without Any Data Loss or Other Complications!

If you are struggling trying to migrate from Mac Outlook to Entourage and wondering how do experts do it so efficiently without data loss or other complications? Here is your answer. It is not about experience or technical skills. Because the secret is, even basic every day users can also migrate their data without going into deep end of email migration concepts and technical processes.

Tool to migrate Mac Outlook to Entourage

It is about the right set of tools at your disposal. If you still want to count the experience, the experience of email migration eventually leads to a right software app. That would work with your Mac Outlook database and will convert all the details without any loss. Such tools automate most of the process and have a simple interface. Not only do they keep the data safe, but also save your time.

For migrating Mac Outlook to Entourage, you can try “OLM Extractor Pro.”

Mac Outlook to Entourage

It can also convert Mac Outlook to MBOX, EML, ICS, VCF, Mac mail, Thunderbird, Postbox etc.

Convert olm to many other formats

The only technical concept you might need to know is what it is a tool that converts OLM Files to multiple formats, including for Entourage. And OLM here stands for a Mac Outlook data file. You can export your data directly from within Outlook Mac. Simply go to File and then to ‘export,’ select the accounts that you want to migrate to Entourage, choose the location where you want to save the OLM file, and click Finish. Once you have this OLM file, your path becomes way too simple with the help of “OLM Extractor Pro.”

Advance options

“OLM Extractor Pro” is technically an OLM file converter, but in a bigger sense, it is a complete email migration utility that not helps in file conversion but also in the overall goal of data migration. For those reasons, it has features like splitting large files, merging contacts, merging calendar entries, saving read and unread emails in separate folders, and many more.

Easy & Migrate all data

It’s a tool that has reached the top of the charts in no time. Based on the range of features it offers while not compromising with its simple and easy to use interface. Anyone can get used to the way it works. It can migrate their email folders, contacts, and calendar from Outlook Mac to Entourage without wasting time on lengthy and complex tutorials. This is the only tool that is appreciated by high end technicians as well as everyday users with their personal data to migrate.

Some more…

  • Converts contacts to VCF and allows the option to merge all contacts per folder to a single VCF file
  • Converts Calendar to ICS and allows the option to merge all calendar entries per folder to a single ICS file
  • Option to keep read and unread emails in two different folders.
  • Converts Unicode and MIME content easily
  • Maps the folders from Outlook Mac to Entourage accurately, keeping their arrangement intact
  • Also converts all other details from the files, such as images, attachments, headers, metadata, links, and text formatting.
  • The USL Software backed technical support is always available to help you out. This is adding another dimension to the tool’s overall efficiency and ease.

Get the demo version.

migrate from Mac Outlook to Entourage

You will find out it is not always about tech savviness, or technical skills that makes IT experts efficient in data migration. Sometimes it is about the tools that actually work and they do with ease and safety. “OLM Extractor Pro” is such a tool for exporting Outlook Mac to Entourage.

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