Moving from Outlook to Mac Mail

Moving from Outlook to Mac Mail

PST Extractor Pro” is a Mac software application to convert PST files to other formats. It’s most commonly used for transferring data into Mac Mail. For that, you need to convert Outlook PST files to MBOX, and this application does is the best for doing that.

moving from outlook to mac mail

It is extremely light (under 25 MB after installation) but essentially limitless. The features offered lets you convert data with proficiency without ever overwhelming less experienced users. If you have no experience of such activities, you can still move your emails from Outlook to Mac Mail in few clicks.

It’s a great application that works, and it works flawlessly. There isn’t a single reason to go to a different app to export your data. Whatever you need, “PST Extractor Pro” delivers in the best possible way!

Move from Outlook to Apple Mail with Safe and Secure process

Completely Offline

Requires no additional add-on, no initial configuration setup, or any third-party plug-in. It is a complete tool in itself and requires no internet to function. It may need internet at the time of updating to the full version.

Powerful Framework

Powerful underlying framework for capturing information makes all the difference. “PST Extractor Pro” works on the principle of real time extraction from PST files, cutting out the long circuitous process of traditional tools. This enables the tool to convert with speed, accuracy, and stability.

Conversion in Bulk

Integrating unified buffer modes for enabling the conversion in bulk. The baseline shell allows adding several PST files with no restriction on their sizes to convert them altogether. With the previous system, converting a single PST file to MBOX one at a time was truly bad for your productivity.

Manage & Convert Contacts

USL Software also adds another nice little feature that allows you to merge all the contacts to a single ICS file given they are all inside the same folder in an PST file.

Manage & Convert Celendars

Same applies to calendar entries; you can merge them all to a single ICS file per folder.

Preview You Data

The mapping of original folder hierarchy correctly for preview and selection gives you the freedom to check what you are converting and to remove anything that you don’t want in output files.

Maintain Folder Hierarchy

The tool also keeps the original folder hierarchy unharmed, meaning, you will get the entire database in the same structure as were originally in Outlook for Windows.

Safe and Secure

Failure mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) ensures further safety for files and smooth data-flow in case of any unexpected events. The advanced prioritization logic gives precedence to the data that the tool is handling, and is able to repeat an item a few times if required. This greatly enhances the precision of your output and makes sure the integrity of your emails isn’t lost.

Fast Conversion

With power and flexibility usually comes a little slower data-flow. That’s not the case with “PST Extractor Pro.” By enabling much faster micro-operations and some sharp programming logic at its core, USL Software was able to speed up the job. You can now move 1 GB of Outlook data to Mac Mail within ten minutes. It is already ten times faster than many other tools, but when you consider the prowess of the tool, it becomes even more impressive.

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Download for Moving from Outlook to Mac Mail

Check it out. You can get the free trial version to check every feature. Notice the attention to details by USL Software developers to the users’ comfort and ease-of-use. Right from the installation to the end of conversion, you’d feel like a professional in email migration, as if you have been doing this for many years. This is how intuitive the GUI of “PST Extractor Pro” is.

Get it here:

move from outlook to mac mail

For moving from Outlook to Mac Mail, try ‘PST Extractor Pro‘ today.

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