OST Recovery and Conversion Made Easy

OST Recovery Made Easy – The Right Tool At Right Price.

The only danger big enterprises face nowadays is data loss. The days when rival companies were a threat are gone now. Businesses have joined hands for greater mutual benefits, but still there is this rival in the form of data loss.

OST Recovery & Conversion

An enterprise runs entirely on data. So, imagine what a virus or malware can do to the thousands of connected computers and their data. And the task becomes even harder with OST files which are more vulnerable than any other format. But companies use this format due to its many benefits.

Although, companies should use good preventive measures for OST files’ loss, there is no need to worry if that occurs anyway. This is because OST recovery has been made so easy by OST Extractor Pro.

Recover OST files With OST Extractor Pro

OST Extractor Pro is a new age tool by USL software.  It has been designed primarily to extract OST files from all sources possible. Then to convert it to any format customer sees fit. OST Extractor Pro has been phenomenal in its performance and hence has become the number one choice of many multi-national companies and corporations.

OST recovery

Let’s look closely into its features:-

  • Interactive Graphic user interface – OST Extractor Pro has a super easy Graphic user interface. That means when the tool is introduced to employees for the first time, owners don’t have to waste time in unnecessary training in the tool’s functioning. The tool’s interface is self-explanatory and employees will not need any guidance whatsoever.
  • Extract OST files from all sources – OST Extractor Pro can recover every OST file of every source imaginable. It never discriminates and has a uniform procedure for handling OST files of all sources.
  • Convert OST files to any format – If need arises to switch to any other email client, and your company wants to convert its OST database to that email client’s format, then OST Extractor Pro will come very handy. OST Extractor Pro can convert OST files to any format imaginable. The added benefit is that no loss of data or speed occurs throughout the process. OST Extractor Pro can convert OST to PST database of up to 10 GB in 10 minutes. It is fully equipped to handle large, bulky OST databases and can also convert text of any language. In every sense, it is a true professional tool.

OST recovery and conversion

Making a decision for the whole enterprise is a very tough decision. Therefore, one needs to be completely sure of the tool one wants to invest in. The more you know, the more affirmation you can get from your board of directors in sealing the deal.

Download OST Recovery Tool

USL software understands this need. It offers a free trial version of OST Extractor Pro.  With this free trial version you can make the right decision of choosing the right OST recovery tool for your Enterprise.

Get it here: https://www.ostextractorpro.com/

What is even more amazing that OST Extractor Pro’s Enterprise license with unlimited use, free updates and 24*7 support is priced at just $49.

Your Enterprise’s need of OST recovery and conversion can now be completely met. Get OST Extractor Pro right now!

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