OST to PST Conversion Simplified

OST to PST Conversion has been regarded as the most dangerous process of all times. However, that is far from truth. OST to PST Conversion is a very simple process which is inherent in the functioning of Outlook. It takes place regularly and smoothly. This reputation of the process has been forged by cynics who think that the process is undo-able.

In this article, we will explain to you how OST to PST Conversion is no alien to you. How important it is, and all that you need to know to carry out this process when Microsoft itself cannot take care of it.


OST to PST Conversion is an indispensable process which takes place regularly in context of Outlook. As we all know Outlook caters to customer’s offline and online needs with the help of its two formats OST and PST. MS Exchange server serves as the link between the two and syncs them so that OST files can be imported in Outlook. This helps in keeping the mailbox up to date.

But when Microsoft Exchange server is not available to do its job, it becomes compulsory to convert OST to PST without it. This is because OST files are useless without it. They can never work directly with Outlook.

Since, many are trying to convert OST files to PST format themselves, they are failing. This failure is resulting in creation of a bad image of OST to PST conversion process. OST to PST Conversion process should always be executed with the help of a tool. When there are software which can help you with the process, why attempt it yourself anyway. The manual process is the pathway for destruction.

One tool which is a great relief for OST to PST Conversion practitioners is OST Extractor Pro by USL Software. It has outshined every other tool in the business with its power packed performance and delicate handling of OST files. IT is extremely easy to use, smooth to operate and blazing fast in execution.

OST to PST Conversion

Here are the benefits associated with the tool:-

  • First of all OST Extractor Pro has a free trial version which helps customers in verifying the claims made by the company. Yes, USL Software has complete trust in its creation and has left it open for scrutiny. So, if you want to take that jump, you can skip reading the article, and download the demo version of the tool right now.
  • But, if you are enchanted by this article and want to continue reading it, then let’s get started. OST Extractor Pro is extremely easy to use. How? Well, it has a highly interactive user interface. This interface, with the help of its self-explanatory wizards, makes OST to PST Conversion just some clicks away.
  • OST Extractor Pro can convert any type of OST data. From Meta data content to bulky mails with heavy attachments, everything is converted to PST format with the help of OST Extractor Pro.
  • OST Extractor Pro also preserves the folder hierarchy. In this way, it is the most comprehensive tool made for OST to PST Conversion.

ost to pst conversion tool

Download it right now for ost to pst conversion!

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