Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail conversion – Common Problems Resolved

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Outlook 2011 is a highly convenient email app for Mac users; however, it has to be purchased. On the other hand, Apple Mail comes free, pre-installed in Mac computers. Moreover, Outlook 2011 uses OLM files to store the data, which are incompatible with Apple Mail. This causes a problem when one moves away from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail.

The conversion of Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail brings many technical, mind-bending complications. For years, developers have been troubled in creating a handy solution.

Outlook 2011 is a huge flexible and adaptable email client built by Microsoft (Same Company responsible for the world famous office apps, in both Mac and Windows Platform). However, if you wish to change your ways of handling email, and require features not present in Outlook 2011, you have to another email client.

The job of moving away to another client is tedious, even if you are moving in the same platform.

This post will discuss the common problems users generally face during Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail Conversion and a great, nifty tool as an alternative solution.

Data Loss

Data loss is always on the mind of anybody who is about to convert files from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail. The accidental loss of files during or after the transition is one of the major horror-stories over the internet. No one would like to deal with such incidents.

However, unfortunately, many tools in the market still can’t find a trustworthy technology to avoid such a confrontation with data loss monster. The risk involved is still enormous.

Power failure, hard drive failure, interfering background programs, virus attacks, and other similar events are the cause of data loss during the Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail conversion. You can take certain precautions – such as, always keeping the power source connected, closing all other programs, and keeping your computer clean – for a safe transition. However, it never could be done manually to the level of full safety.

Investing Countless Hours

Manual conversion methods and even the third party tools demand many hours of your time to be invested in the process. This certainly devalues the use of a professional tool. In this era of high productivity requirement, everyone is looking to save time. Unfortunately, email migration isn’t one of those process that can be done quickly. Most ordinary tools run very slowly and are sluggish in their operation.

Unclear Interface

The biggest reasons most users opt out of manual conversion methods is the complexity involved in those manual steps. But, little do they know that many ordinary tools that they are going to opt for, are equally, if not more, confusing and baffling to common users.

The interfaces developers give to these mail migration tools are very clutter full, clouding the simplicity with complex features and puzzling everything along the way.


There isn’t any solution for a user itself. That means, there is very less that you can do from your side with such ordinary tools. Investing time and other resources in learning something like this isn’t wise.Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail

Most users are just looking for a convenient solution, something that can help them make the transition effortlessly from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail.

If you are one of those users, there is a good news.

We have a very rare, but very powerful and practical tool that has finally resolved the above stated issues.

Download the free trial version of the tool – Click Here – and make your own mind about it.

The tool is called “OLM Extractor Pro” by USL software. It essentially has all the features, simplicity, and professionalism you could have dreamed of. Go ahead and try it today. You will be glad.

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