Switch Apple Mail to Eml Smoothly

You can switch Apple Mail to EML, MBOX, OLM, Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox using Mail Extractor Max

Eml file is a very popular file extension for an email-message used by many email clients. It contains plain ASCII text for headers, main message body, hyperlinks, and attachments. The benefit of Eml file is that you can read them using myriad of applications that support the format. Some of them include Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook 2016 for Mac, Mac Outlook 2011, Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Outlook all versions, etc. You can even view their basic structure and the content inside them using on Android using file viewer.

Switch Apple Mail to Eml

Therefore, if you are looking to migrate your email client from Apple Mail to some other, it is a good idea to convert the content to Eml files. So you can later import these Eml files to any email client and easily access all your emails along with the attachments.

However, that is not going to be easy. Neither Apple Mail, nor any other email clients have any in-built tool to convert your database from Apple Mail to Eml file. Therefore, you need to come to third-party software solutions that can let you do that without any hassle.

Although, that too is hard because of numerous tools, and it might become tricky to find the best one. But that’s what we are here for. In our experience, countless testing, and intense analysis of software programs – we have found one that works almost in every case without a single glitch. The name of that tool is “Mail Extractor Max”. It has a truly effective data conversion mechanics that helps you perform the task easily, and it ensures that the conversion is thorough, accurate, and quick.

Another point about “Mail Extractor Max” is that it also helps you convert Apple Mail database to several other formats, not just Eml. It is currently the only tool that offers all-in-one migration solution for Apple Mail. And considering its overall performance, the tool becomes almost priceless because it delivers the assistance that has been wanted so desperately till now. Email migration is a tricky game with lots of complications, but “Mail Extractor Max” has simplified to a huge extent.

The biggest thing it has done is brought the email migration complexity down to the level where complete beginners can perform it. Whereas, until now, the only people who could convert Apple Mail to Eml were experts and professionals, and even then, they sometimes had to suffer with data loss, time loss, and incomplete conversion.

“Mail Extractor Max” offers a systematic graphical wizard that lets you choose the Mbox files, you can also choose to auto-load Apple Mail database directly, and then convert the loaded data to Eml and other available formats. It preserves the attachments, images embedded, properties of emails, nested messages, folder structure, read/unread status of emails, and non-English content as well.

Here is the link for its free demo version. You can convert 10 items from each folder of Apple Mail to Eml (or other formats).

Mail Extractor Max helps you to convert / switch Apple Mail to EML, MBOX, Entourage Archive, Outlook 2011 for Mac, Thunderbird Mail Database & Postbox.

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