The Best PST to MBOX Converter in Market


If you ever had problems converting your PST files into MBOX then this is the very article you should be reading. USL Software’s PST Extractor Pro is the answer to all your queries regarding PST conversion.

Best PST to MBOX Converter – PST Extractor Pro

There is a reason, well there are many reasons, why PST Extractor Pro is the best PST to MBOX converter out there is.

pst to mbox converter

The tool supports top of the line features that makes the tough and tricky conversion process easy, simple and safe. The tool starts by offering you multiple options to choose the format of your output file.

This is the very reason the tool was designed, to provide control. The tool allows you to convert your PST files into MBOX, Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc. This allows you the freedom of migrating or switching between multiple formats as per your choice and need.

The tool provides you the best in every conversion process. So, the tool is not only the best PST to MBOX Converter but also the best PST to Apple Mail converter, best PST to Thunderbird converter etc.

Accurate Conversion

These many options prove the versatility of the tool and its conversion accuracy its power. The tool converts every bit of data present in your input file with extreme caution and accuracy. The input data is replicated as it is in the output file without any loss or corruption.

Safe & Bug Free

There is no scope left for any kind of bugs and errors in the output file. None of the other PST to MBOX converters out there can boast such accuracy and precision.

Along with accuracy the tool takes care of the safety of your data too. The tool supports features like conversion of Unicode content.

Convert Unicode Contents

Unicode content is compromised of the non-English data of your input file. Many converters fail on this very hurdle, they fail to convert the Unicode content present in your input file therefore end up with incomplete conversion process and may end up damaging your input file’s data.

Easy & Fast Conversion

The tool does all this at an exceptional rate. The conversion speed of the tool is very high. It cuts on the time spent during the conversion process by following modern approaches like bulk conversion.

In this approach you can select all the files that you want to convert and then with single click of a button you can convert all of them at once.

This process not only quickens the speed of conversion but also maintains the accuracy and precision of the tool during the process of bulk conversion.

The tool can be operated with an intuitive interface that guides you on every step. It provides you with informative wizards and dialog boxes that act as guide especially for the absolute beginners.

Download PST to MBOX Converter

pst to mbox

The free to download trial that the tool offers gives you ample amount of time before you purchase the premium version. A 24*7 helpline is available for you if you have any queries or questions. So, download your trial today and convert PST to MBOX without any hassle.

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