The Perfect Working mechanism of the Mail Extractor Pro

The Mail Extractor Pro works on Mac to convert Apple Mac Mail Mailbox, Thunderbird Mailbox, Postbox Mailbox and MBOX files to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook.

The Mail Extractor Pro

This advanced email migration tool converts email from one version to another with simple instructions and negligible time consumption. The powerful search engine of email Extractor tool ensures that duplicate emails are encountered and the required keywords and data is immediately visible. The strenuous work of organizing emails, converting their data, ensuring privacy and maintaining hierarchical structure is right away managed with the standalone tool called Mail Extractor Pro.

Mail Extractor Pro

Mail Extractor Pro download

The email converter to convert mbox, Apple mail and EMLX file into PST format for Mac Outlook And Windows.

PST is elaborated as personal storage table file format. It is the only format supported by Microsoft Outlook for Mac and Windows. The conversion of Apple mail database takes place when you copy a single mail and export it in PST format using the Mail Extractor Pro tool.

You can preview all the email folders while converting Apple mail into PST format. The user friendly tool gives you all the options to have a look at what are you are going to convert. You can eliminate the unimportant files and leave the important ones for quick conversion. The super easy tool preserves the mail format of your emails and does not create any problem in Unicode content.

Product By USL Software

USL software; the manufacturer of the tool understood the requirement of creating email conversion tool that supports non English characters. Therefore, they came up with Mail Extractor Pro for a super fast performance that alters the original file formats into bug-free versions.

None of the mail conversions are going to end up in a mess once you choose the Mail Extractor Pro to convert the files from one format to another. With instant conversion of large files of several gigabytes, email Extractor tool is the most reliable tool out there in the market. It does not entertain any errors or bugs and comes up with hundreds of auto load features. The self-comprehensive instructions immediately transform Apple mails, post box, Mbox to Outlook and Thunderbird files to PST format

Even the smallest part of data remains unaffected during the conversion process. No matter whether you need to convert attachments, images or any special language present in your email, the mail Extractor tool would execute everything you want within just few seconds.

Choose nothing but the best

The moment you understand the working mechanism of Mail Extractor Pro, it would be your personal favorite. You would not only choose it for your personal requirements but also recommend it to everyone. The free trial pack allows you to gain insight of the efficient software. Also, it saves you from trying different alternatives of mail conversion. We are sure that once used, you would immediately purchase the full version available for individuals and business requirements.

Wrapping up

The skilled team of USL software are there to address your questions and doubts about the software. They would let you know how to operate the mail Extractor tool besides giving you relevant solutions for encountering exceptional troubles that arise during the conversion process. Check out its free trial version today.

Mail Extractor Pro Download

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