Transfer Email from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail Smoothly

How would you like if someone offered you a suggestion to transfer email from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail in the most easiest way imaginable?

You’d be quiet happy. Isn’t it? There is certainly a very negative impression that moving emails from one client to other, generally from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail. This is for a good reasons. Both Apple Mail and Outlook 2011 works with different file formats and it is not possible to import/export any of their file formats in each other. Olm is not supported by Mac Mail, and Mbox is not supported by Mac Mail.

However, there is a solution. You can drag the email folders from Outlook 2011 to your Mac, and you will get Mbox files.

Quiet simple. But then why there are so many people desperately looking for a better alternative. Why there is so much negative viewpoint towards transferring emails from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail? Why users are generally intimated when they need to move the data from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail?

Let me tell you why.

Dragging and dropping is pretty manual work. It works fine if there are one or two or 5 folders. But you can’t do it for many folders that are inside Outlook 2011. No one has got the whole day to do these tasks. It is fairly impossible to convert the data this way if you have been using Outlook 2011 for many years.

transfer emails from Outlook 2011 to mac MailMoreover, if you don’t have many folders, it would still take time. The system takes time to process the data inside the folders, and then to convert it into Mbox. If a single folder contains 1000 of messages, and you drag it to your Mac, it might take many minutes to finally convert it into Mbox.

Third reason is that this method is highly inaccurate. This is true that you can get Mbox files directly from Outlook 2011 email folders, but many users have reported loss of their attachments, imbedded images, email properties, etc. The data that is stored in converted Mbox files are highly incongruent compared to the original data.

Fourth, this drag and drop method doesn’t work for contacts and calendar. You can only do this for your Outlook 2011 emails. If you need to transfer everything from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail, you need something more.

And that’s where this article comes in.

The best way to perform this tedious task is use a professional Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail converter. And one of the most effective and widely used tool is called “Olm extractor Pro”. It will convert your Outlook 2011 data (in the form of Olm files) to Mbox with the accurate, speed, and ease that you want.

This is certainly the effective solution for this task. But if your database is huge, you have many emails, your folders are many, and you have important content that you want to convert accurately – there is no other alternative.

All you have to do with this tool is –

  • Load your Olm files wherever you have stored them.
  • The tool will then show you all the folders inside the selected files. You have to choose the folders that you want to convert.
  • Choose “Apple Mail, Addressbook, Calendar (ical)” from the list of output format.

Transfer Email from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail

And in no time, your Olm files will be converted to Mbox, easily, smoothly, and accurately. There will no loss of data elements, no unwanted modification, no corruption. Everything will remain the way it was in Outlook 2011.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to download the free trial version.

Transfer Email from Outlook 2011 to Mac Mail, Entourage 2004/2008, Thunderbird, MBOX, EML file format with OLM Extractor Pro.

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