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Do you need to transfer .OLM to Mac Mail? If you haven’t got the bad news yet, here it is: .OLM format is not compatible with any program other than Mac Outlook itself. OLM is a Microsoft proprietary file format especially built for Outlook client.

If this is your first instance of moving email data across different clients, you might be anxious. Email migration can sometimes be strangely complicated. Many third-parties offer several software solutions but they never work with satisfaction.

Transfer .OLM to Mac Mail

Transferring .OLM to Mac Mail is also more complicated due to the nature of data file itself. OLM has a labyrinthine data structures and tables. It contains aggregated modules for storing information, which is dissimilar in every way from Apple Mail MBOX format.

Not a surprise that third-party OLM to MBOX converter always have a hard time converting data, and rarely work without damaging the data fidelity.

The approach to deal with this gap is through aggressive extraction process that spans the entire database, dedicated to the OLM file architecture only. Any such previous tools have either failed in achieving that or made trade-offs with other features to create aggressive programming.

Therefore, what you’d often get is a tool that has one or more pieces missing. They do not deliver the complete assistance for migrating .OLM data to Mac Mail in the most user friendly manner. More often than not, it’s their interfaces and rigidity that turns users away. Even the advanced users find it hard to work through the maze that their UIs are usually. And the lack of control and settings create a undesired output files.

That brings us to USL Software.

What is USL Software? It’s a software company actively working in email migration for years and have a quite a lot of software applications under their repository to take pride in. All those email migration tools have been received well by the users world wide.

This time they dealt with the issue of transferring .OLM to Mac Mail. And through a dynamic development phase, they developed a powerful tool, if slightly eccentric, to resolve all the complications of the ordinary OLM to Mac Mail converter.

This tool is officially called “OLM Extractor Pro” by USL Software.

“OLM Extractor Pro” was designed from the scratch. It isn’t merely an improvement upon the previous algorithms and scripts of ordinary tools. The team worked from the inside-out with a clear goal in mind – to create a usable, friendly, and accurate OLM to Mac Mail converter that has no loose ends.

Transfer .OLM to Mac Mail

It was an ambitious project, the one that if successfully pulled off, would change the way the world deals with the data migration from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail.

And they did exactly that.

“OLM Extractor Pro” has a very fresh, modern graphical based, intuitive interface that is not just easy to use but very functional and flexible. And what’s beneath that is even more impressive.

Apply the double-phase scanning system for dealing with complex OLM files, the tool overrides no data and secures the entirety of your database to MBOX files. You can find no missing links, no broken images, no weird characters, no damaged folder hierarchy, or any such annoying issues. It delivers as clean a conversion as you’d want.

Key Features

On top of that, the tool also features some exciting new options that would make the migration even more rewarding, especially if you are coming from old tools and techniques:

  1. You can now merge all contacts to a single VCF file per folder. VCF is a virtual contact file format that stores contact information, and can be used with many programs.
  2. Similarly, you can merge all calendar entries to a single ICS file per folder, where ICS is an Cal file format, a calendar app by Apple.
  3. You can ignore all empty folders and remove them from output files in a single click.
  4. The tool also gives you an option to save the read/unread emails in separate folders, where the other tools fail to even preserve the read/unread status.
  5. You can load multiple OLM Files and have them converted to Mac Mail all at the same time.

Download to Transfer .OLM to Mac Mail

OLM Extractor Pro” has all the hints to indicate that it was built by USL Software. One can’t help but notice the sheer brilliance in the design of the interface, the precision of the data conversion, the stability and the performance, the compatibility, and the user-friendly nature at every step of the way, including the 24×7 customer support.

Download the setup today and try it out in a free version:

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