Export email from Thunderbird to Outlook 2016– But Without Challenges like Data Integrity Loss – That Were Until Now Were Considered Unavoidable!

When it comes to converting Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 (or other versions), there are few challenges and complications that most users think of as unavoidable. For example – the notion that email migration takes a lot of time is pretty well established. Others is that some loss of data and the damage to the integrity is common, users just have to reduce the data loss to the acceptable level.

There are similar other problems with Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 conversion that most people don’t know the solution to. And in spite of many third-party applications that claim to convert data likely with minimum problems, the anxiety still exists among users. And quite frankly to a reasonable degree. Very few email converters work perfectly well. And since the job involves emails – the most important part of someone’s personal lives in modern era – the anxiety is reasonable.

Convert Thunderbird to Outlook 2016

But this post is here to tell you how you can convert Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 without any of these problems at all. You will find yourself converting data very quickly, without a single item loss, with extremely simple procedure, and so on. None of the established conceptions about email migration usually folds come untrue with the solution revealed below.

You are going to need a tool called “Mail Extractor Pro.” It’s built by USL Software from the ground-up, thereby, creating an entirely new approach to deal with data processing. This enabled them to avoid the existing problems and think of a modern advanced technique to convert emails and other items associated with Thunderbird to Outlook.

convert thunderbird to outlook 2016

The tool works like this:

  1. You choose ‘Thunderbird’ as your input (Because it also converts Apple Mail, Postbox, and MBOX files to Outlook).
  2. The tool automatically picks up your identity/profile folder where Thunderbird data is stored.
  3. It converts the data into PST files
  4. PST file, native data file for Windows Outlook, can finally be imported into Windows Outlook

thunderbird to outlook 2016

So, this process eliminates plenty of manual and unnecessary steps. For instance, literally have nothing to do inside Thunderbird. You don’t even have to open it for once. So, all those jobs requiring you to install add-ons to archive and to do other things are just not your concerns anymore. The tool does everything for you now.

This makes a significant reduction in the total time required to convert Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 files. What’s even better is that it improves the quality of data migration from multiple data items loss to literally none. The tool is capable of converting every single piece of information into PST files, without any fragmentation or broken files.

Export email from Thunderbird to Outlook 2016

Other features like splitting large PST files, detailed log report, manual but option folder selection, etc. allows for flexibility. And 24×7 customer support from USL Software makes it even easier for users that lack any knowledge or expertise with an otherwise complex job.

Download to Convert Thunderbird to Outlook 2016

Download the free trial version now, and if you think converting Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 comes with plenty of problems and headache, think again.

Get it here: http://www.mailextractorpro.com.

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Try ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ to convert Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 and it can also convert Apple Mail, Postbox & MBOX file to PST for MS Outlook.

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